Canadian Book Challenge #9 : July 1 2015- July 1 2016

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carrying on to …

July 1 2015 – June 30th 2016

Join us at host John’s BookMineSet to signup throughout the year.
Tweet your #amreading and related Canadian Book info – #CanBookChallenge
#9thCanBookChallenge to add yours and find others.
1. Anne of the Island  – 
100th Anniversary !
by LM Montgomery
2. Tides of Honour
by Genevieve Graham
3. Full Circle
by Mona Ingram
4. Anne of Green Gables
by LM Montgomery [Penguin audio]
5. The Kite
by W.O. Mitchell
6. Street of Riches
by Gabrielle Roy
7. The Little Crooked Christmas Tree
by Michael Cutting/Ron Broda
8. The Golden Road
by LM Montgomery
9. Jane of Lantern Hill
by LM Montgomery
10. The Imposter Bride
by Nancy Richler/Tavia Gilbert http://cds
11. Lucy Maude Montgomery Short Stories:  1896-1901
12. How the Light Gets In
by Louise Penny [author/characters/locations]
13. A Worthy Heart
by Susan Ann Mason [Canadian author]
14. Montreal
by Debra Schoenberger [Canadian author/locations]
15. I Promise You This
by Patricia Sands [Canadian author/characters/locations]
16. Anne’s House of Dreams
by LM Montgomery [author, characters + location]
17. Daughter of Mine
by  Laura Fabiani [ author, characters + locations]
18. Still Life
by Louise Penny [ author, characters + locations]
19. Jesus Feminist by Sarah Bessey [author + locations]
20. The Beautiful Mystery
by Louise Penny [author, characters, locations]
21. Bachelor Girl’s Guide to Murder
by Rachel McMillan [author/location/characters]
22. Arranged
by Catherine McKenzie [author/characters]

Currently Reading:

Coming close to end of this year’s Canadian Challenge June 30th 2016
JULY 1st  Canada’s Birthday begins CBC #10 !

Reading Possibilities:

New Challenge will again be the basic of 13 reads /July 1 2016-2017


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