Time for Jane Austen in August …


I am a happy participant.  Whether reading Jane Austen novels
or checking out the variations, this month’s for Jane.

August 1st introduces the month long celebration of
#AusteninAugust hosted by Misty at The Book Rat blog .
Be sure to check out all the AIA action planned
along with guests.

My part?
August 1st begins the daily Jane Austen prompts
I’ve created to inspire participants who enjoy
or who might enjoy the creativity of book photography.
You may be joining us as an instagrammer,
or may already be a #janeausten #bookstagrammer .
Each of you are most welcome to participate at your level of interest.
Cheerleaders are definitely valued!  Clicking those likes and commenting
encourages every #AusteninAugust reader and bookstagrammer.
Find us using
#AustenInAugust on Instagram
[+ twitter – pinterest – fb – etc]
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The #Bookstagram Reading Challenge follows as listed.
Post a photo for the day’s prompt, then hashtag it
#AustenInAugust  add #JaneAusten if you’d like
so everyone can find and follow the new photos of Jane Austen related prompts.
Choose the prompts that inspire you.  Take your photos anytime,
then post your #bookstagram corresponding to
the day of the prompts you’ve chosen.
[Or use a scheduling service such as Later.com to post for you]

Book photography can be a creative focus that increases enjoyment of
our books on an additional level.  This month, it’s our Jane Austen collections.

This also works for those who prefer to post photos to twitter, pinterest or fb.
Be sure to identify them with the same #hashtags as above.
Share your love and spread the word for Jane this #AustenInAugust.


Are you ready?
Let’s Party! . . .


1 – Ready Set Go – 1stJane Austen book you’re reading
2 – Resources – TBR stack for #AustenInAugust
3- Travelin’ Band – fav JA roadtrippin’ reads
4- Silver Screen –
any 5* JA movie recs? 
5- 2nd Time Around –
2nd hand JA book find
6- Faith & Family –
your fav JA quote
7- #BookmarkMonday –
show your JA bookmarks
8- Tops –
your top pick[s] of JA books
9- Party Time! –
Anne Elliot’s Birthday!
10- JA Geometry –
worst JA love triangle[s] 
11- Shopaholic –
Best ever bookstore JA find
12- What’s New?-
new JA  library find
13- Let’s Get Poetical –
JA book spine poetry
14- On Deck –
JA you’re reading right now
15- Day Out –
show us your JA outdoors
16- Wordless Wednesday – JA book illustrations
17- Get Serious – nonfiction Jane
18- Showtime –
show off your JA bookshelves
19- Most Wanted –
your ‘must have’ JA novel
For Openers – fav JA chapter opening line[s]
21- Surround Sound –
JA audiobook lovers 
22- Comfort Zone –
your fav JA reading spot 
23- Waiting on Wednesday –
JA you’re anticipating
24- Unfinished Business –
JA/variations you dnf 
25- Up to Now – #AustenInAugust
read so far…
26- Villainous –
least liked JA character[s]
27- Favouritism –
most liked JA character[s]
28- Memorabilia –
JA items / memorabilia
29- News –
what’s new in the world of Jane Austen ?
30- Last Word –
have your say #AustenInAugust
31- That’s a Wrap –
your #AustenInAugust completions


Looking forward to discovering your Jane Austen
[and variation reading] during this entire month of August.~
HapPy Reading, Photographing, Quoting and #Bookstagramming !

sophia croft quote Persuasion Jane Austen calm waters


Adding our #AustenInAugust Challenge to the book discussions at

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#Id Rather Be Reading Challenge 2018

modern mrs d reading-challenge-2018-01.png


A classic I’ve been meaning to read ?
I intend to tackle this during August.

THE CHILBURY LADIES CHOIR – a book recommended by someone
with great taste ! which is Lucy Pollard Gott, author of Fictional 100
– a book resource worth having!

chilbury ladies choir

A book in translation – My first Maigret mystery
set in Paris France and translated from the French

a maigret christmas and other stories georges simenon

A book nominated for award in 2018 …

Poetry, play or essay collection ?
A lovely Advent collection by Canadian author, Ann Voskamp,

greatest gift ann voskamp advent

Book I can read in a day – Anna Lee Huber’s Lady Darby #6
A BRUSH WITH SHADOWS audiobook fulfills this one.

brush with shadows anna lee hube

Book over 500 pages …

Book by a favourite author ?
and a favourite narrator in this case…

murder on the orient express ag c
David Suchet’s characterizations are superb ,
making MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS a true listening experience.
Have you a favourite narrator of this book?
{pardon – couldn’t find the exact cover of my audiobook listen}

Recommended by librarian or indie bookseller …

Banned book ?

My choice of superb book of creative nonfiction is
A PARIS YEAR  by Janice MacLeod.
Gorgeous artwork – painting – photography, Parisian insights..
a total delight and recommended.  Have you discovered it ?

a paris year

Book by author of different race, religion, ethnicity than my own ?
The delicious audiobook read of Irish writer, Felicity Hayes McCoy’s

LIBRARY at the edge of the world

Which opened a whole world of writing by this new to me author.
Keeping my library busy!
Are you a fan as well ?  Which titles have you read or recommend ?


Are you participating in this annual Reading Challenge at Modern Mrs Darcy?
{also on pinterest}
Would love to hear of your choices for the options …
or a link to your pinterest board of titles read?

Have you begun the challenge or
Are you coming close to completing the challenge …. ?
Any discoveries to share with us ? !


Discussing books and blogging
at Nicole’s Feed Your Fiction Addiction and Shannon’s It Starts at Midnight

2018-Discussion-Challenge feed your fiction addiction - it starts at midnight

Happy Summer Reading !

High Summer Readathon – July 2018

Announcing the annual July High Summer Readathon
at Seasons of Reading
by Michelle
Flexible reading and sharing via blog,  facebook, instagram, and goodreads group.
Whichever option works for you…. share your tweets and vlog youtube posts –
just use #HSreadathon wherever you’re active on social media
to stay connected with participants and spread the word!
Running throughout July.
See you there !
~ * ~
My High Summer Reads

Feel welcome to share your #HSReadathon reading in comments.

We’d love for you to inspire us to discover new books by new authors
and old books by fav authors … !
Any hits or misses we should know about ?  Let us know…

We love to discuss books !!

2018-Discussion-Challenge feed your fiction addiction - it starts at midnight

20 Books of Summer and Other Reading …

Summer Reading can be a fav option for spending time
and definitely is my go to if I have a choice.
Time now to make some Summer Reading choices
from the annual options I’ve discovered available and happily sharing with you.

big book summer at bookbybook.blogspot  Sue

Host, Sue Jackson, invites readers to tackle her annual BIG BOOK Challenge.
Reading 400+ page tomes, often works well for extended reading times
whether beachside or inside should weather turn overcast!

My first of the summer was Karen Swan’s new release.
[at 432 pages]
greek escape karen swan

Have you read this one?  Suspense and intrigue play their roles ….
What did you think?

Not sure which biggie will be next . . .
became –

chilbury ladies choir

Delighted when my library reserve deposited this #BigBookSummer debut read of
The Chilbury  Ladies’ Choir by Jennifer Ryan
into my downloads.  Anticipated reading, recommended by fellow reader,
author of “Fictional 100”, Lucy Pollard-Gott, I expected enjoyment.
Not disappointed, 418 pages to introduce and develop background
and characters of this historical fiction set during 1940’s wartime
England in the village of Chilbury, Kent.
Written in epistolary style of letters and journal entries,
readers are treated to character insights, actions, and development
in a pleasing and personable manner.
Pleased to have had the opportunity to read and add this one to both
#BigBookSummer and my #10BooksofSummer.
Is it on your reading list or have you read it?
Do you enjoy epistolary novels?  What is one you’ve read?
Share your thoughts with us !

My third #BigBookSummer?

word is murder anthony horowitz

Had to give myself the first 25 pages to decide whether or not to continue this one. And it did take til that point to get a positive response from me. From there on, it definitely proved worth the read . Including Horowitz’s writing insights on the one hundred thirtieth to thirty first pages.  Suspense intensified the conclusion.
The Word is Murder by Anthony Horowitz
READ * July 7-8

Any reader responses on this one?  Have read varied reviews and I’m wondering if
anyone else responded like I did…

Are you a BIG BOOK reader?
Maybe this is the Challenge made for you!
Remember.  It only takes reading 1 BIG BOOK to participate…
Which one needs to come off your shelf to be counted ?
Would this be enough to inspire your reading?


Another annual for me is Cathy’s 20 Books of Summer at 746 Books blog.
This comes with a 10 – 15 or 20 Book option !  Your choice and so are the book choices
should you happen to want to change them once reading is underway . . .
20-books-of-summer at 746books blog

My 10 book list will eventually include
choices and completions.  Maybe some changes?
A wee bit of motivation for this gal!

10-books summer

A Tiding of Magpies – new Birder Murder series release by
Canadian author and birder, Steve Burrows –
Story setting  is Northern Norfolk England has a uniquely talented
Canadian Detective Chief Inspector leading investigations
along with a quirky team adding colour and commentary.
A do not miss for this reader.  Have you read any of this series?
READ * July 3

tiding of magpies steve burrows

Then, due to other reading challenges, a noticeable focus on Paris
for #ParisinJuly2018
[Feel free to join us!]  All francophones or lovers of all things Paris!
This may be the summer reading motivation you are looking for …
paris in color cover

Nichole Robertson’s photographic colour tour of Paris

little french bistro nina george

Nina George’s novel of 2nd chances, on audio with Emma Bering
Are you an audiobook listener?  Have you enjoyed this story?
How about her Little Paris Bookshop?

paris librarian

Mark Pryor’s intriguing mystery from history …. fini !
READ * July 12th
a Cara Black contemporary mystery – both from series
Are you reading this award winning series ?
This will be my first. I always look forward to meeting new mysteries!
Do you stick to standby favs or venture into the unknown?

paris - murder in the sentier

paris by the book

This 2018 release has me intrigued.
Love the book and bookstore theme plus more mystery …
I have it on order at the library once it’s available.  Ah, the waiting !

paris for one jojo moyes

Great.  A collection of Jojo Moyes’ shortstories, perfect for filling in time gaps.
Which JoJo Moyes books have you read?
Paris for One  READ * July 1st

paris - creative heart

Loving the focus of this book – “An inspiring tour of the city’s creative heart“!
Looking forward to Janelle McCulloch’s tour… Currently Reading * July 13
It is very beautifully photographed.  A positive addition for me.
How do you respond to artistic illustration of books?  Yay or Nay ?
{The library just notified me it’s now on the Holds shelf waiting for my pickup- yay!}

a paris year

and…  an absolute discovery!
hearing Janice MacLeod’s life experiences during her year in Paris.
READ *  July 6th – 9th

This book is absolutely gorgeous!  Artistic journal entries featuring
photography, calligraphy, painting
each enhancing the descriptions and anecdotes of life in Paris.
Loving a slow perusal . . .

If you’ve counted, and I trust you did 😉 ,
you’ll know I was one short of ten.  And there’s rhyme to the reason.
If I came upon one I just had to read…
You know it.  I’d have had room to add it.  Yep.
Exactly what temperamental readers do.
No apologies.

Any other mood readers reading this?
How do you approach the dilemma of choosing books for challenges?

Here’s a 10th addition I add with pleasure
having anticipated this read for about a year!

The Chilbury Ladies Choir debut by Jennifer Ryan

READ * July 5
see review and responses above for #BigBookSummer

chilbury ladies choir

Thanking Cathy for being the understanding host she is on these things.
Her guidelines accomodate changes and this reader appreciates that.
Thanks for hosting , Cathy.
And, to everyone participating…
Cheers to a successful Summer of Reading!


Let us know how your 20 Book Challenge is going so far…
If you’ve made any changes or are firm in reading your choices !

Any other challenges that motivate your reading?


2018-Discussion-Challenge feed your fiction addiction - it starts at midnight

Discussing books with Nicole and Shannon.. Join us?

It’s Coming ! . . .


Paris in July 18


Join us in Paris this July 1st to 31st
Celebrating French food, friendship, books, travel, art, music, photos . . .
blog, tweet, pinterest, instagram #ParisinJuly2018
~ add yours and discover others’ participation ~
Enjoy the Party in Paris!
Hosted by Tamara at Thyme for Tea

My #ParisinJuly2018 Reading ?




Grateful for a well stocked public library, I have a great variety of Paris reads.

If you’re a reader, please be sure to share your recommendations or less than favs
to help us determine reading time.  I’ve already knocked some out of queue that I
thought would be interesting.  Feel free to share your experiences.

Thanks to Tanya of MomsSmallVictories for sharing hers with us over on instagram.
It’s all helpful when we only have a limited amount of time each day!

Do join us via #ParisinJuly2018 to create the ease in finding each others’ posts
on instagram, twitter, blogs.  It’s a huge time saver – Thank You!


THANK YOU to Tamara for hosting this choice morsel each year.
Your love for and  posts of Paris are excellent inspiration, Tamara!
LinkUp your posts at Thyme-for-Tea

Have you been inspired to discover and discuss the Paris life?
Perhaps you have travels to share with us?
Recipes, art, anecdotes, history, music…?

We’d love to hear more ~
Thank for sharing.  A bientot !


Sharing and discussing linked here –

2018-Discussion-Challenge feed your fiction addiction - it starts at midnight

Join us?

A Maigret Christmas

maigret christmas

My introduction to the Maigret mystery series set in Paris, France. A Maigret Christmas by Georges Simenon, translated by David Coward adds foreign intrigue to holiday reading.  I am now on an inspired book hunt searching out additional titles. . .

Intrepid Inspector Maigret’s Christmas day is interrupted by the arrival of 2 neighbour women telling an unusual story of Father Christmas’ visit the night before.  Maigret’s attention is secured, his visit to the scene follows, and readers’ interest is piqued.  Interplay between Maigret and his wife adds to both plot and humanity of this couple as allusions are cast regarding something unspoken between them; a mystery in its own right.
First of three engaging short stories, the second offers intense policing drama involving two brothers and a young boy in jeopardy.
The third, accurately titled, A Christmas Story for Adults, presents a Christmas Eve tale of unusual human kindness in an unexpected setting.

All episodes fortify the mystique of Paris life and locales.

Available as paperback, hardcover, ebook – Penguin Classics.
Connect at inspectormaigret.com


Christmas Spirit Readathon WrapUp

Successfully completed
and Fun Enjoyed !

Books I read ?

  1. 1. Back Roads to Bliss Ruth Glover

2. The Beginning –Karen Kingsbury/January LeVoy – audio 
3. Little House Christmas – Laura Ingalls Wilder
4. A Matter of Justice – Charles Todd
5. The White Feather Murders
Rachel MacMillan-
6. The Christmas Train-David Baldacci/Tim Matheson-audio
7. A Christmas Hope – Stacy Henrie
8. Skipping CmasJohn Grisham 
9. This Side of Murder – Anna Lee Huber
10. A Patchwork Love – Stephanie Grace Whitson
11. A Family for ChristmasMona Ingram 
12. A Cmas Kiss – Elizabeth Mansfield/Colleen Prendergast – audio
13. Seams Like Love – Judith Miller
14. The Bridge-Karen Kingsbury
15. The Greatest GiftAnn Voskamp
16.Christmas Angel ProjectMelody Carlson
17. The Twenty-four Days Before Christmas-Madeleine L’Engle 
18. Jane and the Waterloo Map-Stephanie Barron

I’m carrying on with the
Christmas Spirit Reading Challenge
til January 6 2018

Add your Reading and Movies to the
Christmas Spirit Pinterest board HERE.

~*~ Join the Fun ~*~

SignUps continue HERE

Cmas Spirit 2017 reading challenge