Jane Austen in August 2017….



austeninaugust roofbeamr-button (1)TIME for 2017’s Version of this ANNUAL CHALLENGE!August 1st opens the 5th year of individual Jane Austen
marathon reading during the month of August – info HEREand group reads,
this year’s choice being Northanger Abbey – details HERE
~SignUps remain OPEN until JULY 31st
for participation in any Austen in August events, giveaways, etc.
though reading Jane Austen, of course, is encouraged all monthand doesn’t require signing up.
~We look forward to sharing all things Jane together !
Hoping you’re part of the Celebration of Jane Austen.~*~THANKS to our returning host,
Adam at Roof Beam Reader ! ~Find us connecting using #AusteninAugustRBR
on Twitter and Instagram,
where we also have a NEW #Bookstagram Challengeusing #JAusteninAugust via @faith.hope.cherryteajane austen cushion quoteBe sure to follow if you’re on both or either .
We’ll be looking for your Jane Austen tweets and photos !~*~ FIND MORE FHC on BOOK DEPOSITORY | PINTEREST | TWITTER | GOOGLE+ | GOODREADS | FACEBOOK | NETWORKED BLOGS | | | INSTAGRAM | LIBRARYTHING | Follow |


4 thoughts on “Jane Austen in August 2017….

  1. Hallo, Hallo! 🙂

    I’m super excited about this year’s Austen In August (as long as I keep remembering the new tag!) – I posted a bit about what I’m doing this year (hinted at, more like!) whilst releasing my latest #TheSundayPost. I am still sorting out what I am reading whilst happily noting we’re RAL’ing Northanger Abbey!! This was on my List of Austen to be reading this year — so I’m wicked happy to re-learn of it’s inclusion!

    Can we do the bookstagram challenges on Twitter, too? IG never worked out for me – however, I love sharing my book photos on Twitter. I keep asking everyone I meet which tags to use on Twitter which would thread into the bookstagram community who are tweeting too – however, I have yet to sort out which tag to use to do this? Is it the same tag or is there a separate one? Will you be listing the challenges somewhere on your blog?

    Just a thought – I’m enjoying sharing my book photos and a photo challenge would be nice! 🙂

  2. Hi! This sounds like fun. And I love your photo of the Jane pillow. I’m reading a massive Bronte biography in August, but Northanger Abbey is certainly a tempting reread. I will look for your bookstagrams and other posts. Have a lovely August!

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