Savvy Readathon 9 to 9 – May 13

It’s On!

Lots of discussion happening on twitter as the day progresses –
a headsup if you’re following my feed @_eHope
will get you in the loop.

So far, I’ve completed a Pride and Prejudice dramatized audio – totally fun take –
Earned the International Women’s Day 2017 badge for it!
savvy international womens day badge

A new release chicklit ebook by Aussie author, Carla Carusso, Run to the Hills.
Listened to a few Agatha Christie audios via hoopla
Yellow Iris, The Man in the Mist, The Case of the Middle-Aged Wife,
Through a Glass Darkly
that brought me to 150 reads and some new badges!
~ Participating, reading an ebook, reading 3 books ~
savvy readathon participation badgesavvy readathon ebook readsavvy readathon 3 books read badge

My main read underway is the fascinating WWI new release from
Canadian author, Kim Izzo,
Seven Days in May
kim izzo seven days in may*

My thoughts?

#SavvyReadathon reading

Fascinating insights to the WWI era on both sides of the Atlantic,
the sailing of the Lusitania being the main event.
England and NY featuring in the storytelling. Characters, each well developed within their past and present settings as relevant. Unique aspects of the war are explored with varying degrees of personal and political impact.
Exceptionally well written, tension saturates the atmosphere
as this well paced drama unfolds …

Intro review also Posted Here


A One Day Event
Saturday May 13th 2017

Have you pledged to read in 2017 ?
Set your reading goal HERE then grab your books
for a day of reading, snacking, contests, and special treats
all just one day from 9 a.m. til 9 p.m.

savvy reading gif.gif

All the Readathon Details HERE

I’m in !
Twitter follow me @_eHope
Updates @SavvyReader


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