Yes! BookBuddyaThon May 6-12

Third year!  I love this one.  Want to know more?
Here’s the scoop via booktube …

Thanks to Uk hosts  Elena  and Janet for making this year’s
Buddy Reading such a Great week.

I’ll be reading with buddy Lucy Fictional 100 blog
and host of the Northern Lights Reading Project

1– Read a book with your book buddy:
We’ve chosen a Viking novel, “God’s Daughter “ , by author Heather Day Gilbert
~ Completed May 6th ~
I found it a unique read from an era I haven’t read – 1000 AD

gods daughter

2- Read a book with your buddy’s fav colour cover –
yellow for Lucy / periwinkle  for moi

hmmm – a few options in mind, I’ll post once I’ve settled on which one.

– Read a book beginning with your buddy’s initial in title –
I’ll be reading “L” for Lucy

Always intrigued with WW I and II stories, this was no exception.
~ Completed May 7 ~

look to the east

4– Your buddy picks a book for you to read from 3 of your choices:
1-                                     2-                                   3-
We haven’t chosen our options as yet, but will fill in the blanks soon…
Lucy’s choices:
1~                                       2~                                   3~

– Read a guilty pleasure book – just because!  Read for fun / escape /enjoyment…
My choice?

jewels of paradise donna leon

Still time to join us at twitter #BookBuddyAThon

and today we’re off to keep up via UK time …


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