#WintersRespite Readathon

Wrapping Up the Reading Respite for this Winter …

Reading began midnite Monday January 16th
Carrying through to midnite Monday 29th January.

My RESPITE READING To the End Date :

  1. 1. A Question of Belief – Donna Leon      Jan 16
    2.  Conductor of Light – Rachel McMillan        Jan 16
    3. Suspiciously Reserved – Samantha Adkins        Jan 16-17
    4. Two Testaments – Elizabeth Musser          Jan 17
    5.  Providence –  Chris Coppernoll       Jan 17-18
    6. Tempest’s Course – Lynette Sowell        Jan 20
    7.  Death of a Snob – MC Beaton      Jan 20
    8.  Elusive – Sara Rosett        Jan 21
    9.  The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe – CS Lewis       Jan 21
    10.Pursuit and Persuasion – Sally Wright  Jan 22
  2. 11.-19. Three Blind Mice – Agatha Christie  audio collection  Jan 22
    Three Blind Mice
    Case of the caretaker
    Strange Jest
    The Tape Measure Murder
    Case of the Perfect Maid
    The Third Floor Flat
    The Adventure of Johnnie Waverly
    Four and Twenty Blackbirds
    The Love Detectives
    20. Cranberry Bluff  – Deborah Garner  Jan 23

    1. 21. Summer Evenings at the Seafront Hotel – V Greene Jan 24
      22. Learning to Swim  – Sara J Henry  – Jan 25
      23. Heidi – J Spyri  – Jan 26
      24. Bethlehem Road – A Perry  – Jan 26-7
      25. In Wildrose, North Dakota – T Bateman – Jan 27
      26. Abandoned Memories – Marylu Tyndall  -Jan 28
      27. Crispens Point – JoHannah Reardon  – Jan 29
      28. Death of an Outsider – MC Beaton/S Grindell – Jan 29

 HapPy with the time I had available and the outcome.  Hope it was for you as well !


Appreciation to Michelle for hosting the motivation!!


6 thoughts on “#WintersRespite Readathon

  1. I thought Mallory read the most, but it looks like it was you. I’m truly impressed! I know you must have enjoyed all of that wonderful reading. Thanks for joining us and I hope to see you for the Spring readathon. 🙂

  2. Huzzah! We are having a heat wave here in Kentucky, which term I apply when I can go outside for more than 10 seconds without my fingertips turning blue! Read on, my friend. :O)

  3. Just wanted to wish you luck on your goals.

    Also, i’ll be host a Midway Giveaway on my blog this weekend if you are interested. The only requirement for entering is a comment about your progress so far and goals for week two.

    Well have a great week!
    Bemused Bookworm

    1. Thanks so much ! i’ve popped in at your blog with comment on progress. Goals are always changing as reading time flexes with commitments ! Minimum of 5 reads I’m hoping for …. Thanks, Bemused, for hosting the reading incentive !! 😉 HapPy Respite Reading !

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