SPRING Theme Book Tag Challenge

Spring Tag Book Reading List

Now that the world here is turning green, tulips have made it above ground,
Being a long standing book cover lover ~
Marissa’s Reading List Spring themed Book Tag Challenge is perfect.
I couldn’t resist the offer and now passing it along to other
book cover lovers.  Let me know in comments if you’re playing along.
Then, Link up at Marissa’s READING LIST  ..

There are 6 categories that fit SPRING and a book for each category.
This isn’t
 necessarily a  recommendation of the book, just that it fits the category.
The fun begin
s, after you check out my list, when you create your own list!

Copy the categories and add your corresponding book cover.

  You can pick books based on the cover,
recommendations, or even books you read years ago .
Ready?  Here we go!

1. Spring Showers: What would spring be without the life-giving showers that are a sure sign that spring is here?  Share a book that is a quick read and sure to lift your spirits.   This one absolutely delivers…
2.     Colourful Flowers: After the showers come beautiful flowers of all colors.  Pick a book that has a pretty flower or floral pattern somewhere on the cover.  A lovely vintage read…
enchanted april von arnim
3.      Shades of Green: Between the grass, the leaves on the trees, and all of the new flowers, there are so many shades of green everywhere in spring.  Can you think of a book that is driven by conflict over money?
Totally! and a fantastic read it is…
bride distant isle sandra byrd
4.      Picnics & Strolls in the Park: After months of being stuck inside there is nothing like an escape to the park. Share a book that has an iconic scene in a park – or at least has a scene in a park that was vivid to you.
Definitely a fav novel with a vivid and tissue worthy park scene.
anne of the island umbrella
5.      All Things Fresh & New: Spring is the season for new, share a book that has caught your eye this season and is brand new – even if you haven’t read it yet, or might not ever!    I chose one I Read + Loved!
     close to you Kara Isaac NZ Howard bks
6.     Running Shoes, Flip-flops, Sandals, Rain bootsYou have to admit the selection for footwear goes up significantly in the Spring.  Pick a book that showcases a foot or shoe on the cover.
I went with iconic SPRING footwear!
second sister sm


Who to tag?

Sending an invitation out to ALL fellow book bloggers, including:
LuAnn at Back Porchervations – Thanks for taking the challenge!
Your post is bea.u.ti.ful!!

And did LuAnne ever create a wonderful response of SPRING themed books
in response to my TAG!  Have a LOOK HERE !!
Inviting YOU because
I want Everyone to play along !
The more who do, the more fun books we’ll discover.
I’m ALL for that and look forward to your book cover intros.
Tweet about the challenge using #SpringBookTag 
Post your links and recommendations in comments.
and LinkUp at the Reading List.
THANKS for Sharing.

Spring Tag Book Reading List


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8 thoughts on “SPRING Theme Book Tag Challenge

        1. Great tag post! Thanks for playing along so graciously . Your post covers and your reasons for choosing them are so meaningful. I was just in such a hurry to post once I discovered the meme! I wasn’t tagged like I tagged you. So that’s the chain links from me to you… super pleased you played! THANKS LuAnn!

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