My Participation ~
A goodreads A-Z Authors Shelf will likely form my tracking for this Challenge[possibly below for a 2nd option at hand]*I’ve been thinking of authors of books I intend on including in 2015 reading,needing a wee bit of help for the alphabet to be covered!  Any sleuths aware of X and Z authors…? 

*Here are the details/rules:

– The challenge runs from 1 January to 31 December 2015
– Books written by authors with last names from A-Z, collect every letter of the alphabet
– Only last names count, so William Shakespeare would fall under S, not W
– Speaking of Shakespeare, the books you read may fall under any form/genre: prose, poetry, drama; fiction, non-fiction, academic monographs…
– Books don’t have to be “physical” either–ebooks and audiobooks are welcome!
– Crossovers with other challenges and re-reads are also more than welcome!
– You do not need to have a blog or review the books in order to participate–having a list somewhere (such as GoodReads) is fine
– Come December 2015, I’ll be making a post for you to submit your completed challenges. If you finish by 31 Dec 2015, you’ll be in the running for a booktastic prize draw!
How to join:– If you’re a blogger, grab the challenge banner and link back to this post to help spread the word and encourage others to join! Fill out the form there, and include a link to your challenge sign-up post (not to your overall blog).
– If you’re a non-blogger, keep track of your authors list any way you wish (I know quite a few people start up a challenge bookshelf on Goodreads), and use the form below to fill out your details (and perhaps a link to your challenge bookshelf, if you’re setting one up)
If you want to follow my blog, I may post special challenge-related announcements throughout the year; alternatively, just check back during December 2015. If you have any questions, please feel free to drop me a comment.  And that’s it, really! 
Happy reading, and all the best with the challenge!  [Samantha-Lin.com hosting]
A – Afshar, Tessa [In the Field of Grace]
CCaroll, Robin [ Hidden in the Stars ]
Christie, Agatha [ While the Light Lasts, Manx Gold, The Harlequin Tea Set, After the Funeral ]
Carie, Jamie [Snow Angel]
Connelly, Victoria [Wish You Were Here]
DDelamere, Jennifer [A Lady Most Lovely]
G – Greene, Vanessa [Seafront Tea Rooms]
Giorello, Sibella [The Rivers Run Dry]
Gunn, Robin Jones [Finding Father Christmas]
H – Hatcher, Robin Lee [A Promise Kept]
K Kirkpatrick, Jane [Barcelona Calling]
LLadd, Sarah E [Lady at Willowgrove Hall]
, Anne  [ Traveling Mercies ]
M -McInerney, Monica [All Together Now]
Montgomery, L.M. [Anne of the Island]
N – Norato, Lisa [The Promise Keeper]
P – Pura, Murray [London Dawn]
R Reay, Katherine [Dear Mr Knightley]
Rupp, Joyce [ May I Have This Dance? ]
SStallwood, Veronica [ Death and the Oxford Box ]
Smith, Debra White [ Christmas Past ]
Skevington, Andrea [ The Pilgrim Spirit]
Stairs, M Jean [Be My Companion]
Srubas, Rachel [The Girl Got Up]
T – Teresa, Mother [Words to Love By]
Turansky, Carrie [The Daughter of Highland Hall]
V – Vogt, Beth  K [Somebody Like You]
W –
X –
Y –



A – AlexanderArana, Austin, Axtell, Afshar, Adams

B- Benison, Bowen, Brouwer, Buechner, Borysenko, Brown, Bergren, Bricker, Barron, Belcastro, Byrne, Bessey, BostwickC- Cambron, Camden, Cameron, Connelly, Chittister, Caroll, Crandall, Caedmon, Cain, Cornthwaite, ChristieD Delamere, Dotta, Dyckman, Doughty, Dobson, DeMarino, Drinkwater, DudleyE– Eakes, Eyre, ElliotF- Frantz, Foster, Fforde, Foster, Fox, Feinberg, FrostG- Greene, Giorello, Gray, Gilbert, Goyer, Gohlke, Ganshert, GreensmithH- Henry, Herriman, Heyer, Higman, Higgs, Hynd, Helm, Heuertz, Hirsch, Healy, HannonI- Irvin, Iona J- Jio, Jones, Jennings, Janzen, JantzK- Klassen, Kingsbury, Keller, Kidd,  Kelly, Kingston, Kaye, Kiely, KirkpatrickL- Ladd, Lamott, Lightfoot, Lathan, LangM- MacNeal, Macomber, Manners, Manning, Moody, Morton, Morren, Morisy, McHugh, MeissnerN- Norato, Nouwen, NorrisO- Ortberg, O’Donohue, O’Rourke, O’KeefeP- Pollard-GottPura, Polacco, Platt, Petersheim, PerryQ- Queen R- Reynolds, Richmond, Richardson, Rupp, Rosenberg, Reay, RompS- Sayers, Stallwood, Schaeffer, Smith, Stewart, Scott, Stokes, Saxton, Sotis, SrubasT- Tyndall, Turansky, Talbot, Teasdale, Tolkien, Thomas, Turano, Tod, TeichroebUUrquhart, UpchurchV- VanLiere, Viola, Vogt, Voskamp, Vallotton, ViguieW- Walsh, Winspear, White, Wiehl, Wallace, Wolff, Warren, Wydick, Willard, Ward, Wingate, Wiseman, Wells, Walsh, Weber, WatersX-Y- Yttrup, Yorkey, Y’Barbo,Z- Zschech, Zacharias, Zinsser, Zack, Zevin 

A-Z Authors Reading Challenge  16/26 books

[individual alphabet letters] *
Kav has a great list of authors in her Best Reads sidebar if you’re looking for options.




2 thoughts on “A – Z AUTHORS – READING CHALLENGE 2015

  1. This sounds like a fun challenge. My family was rather obsessed with alphabet word games when I was a child: flowers, animals, countries, etc.

    For book ideas, X and Z, I found this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_authors_by_name:_Z Carlos Ruiz Zafón's Shadow of the Wind is a much loved story (tho' I haven't read it), and there's Zola. For X, The Story of the Stone by Cao Xueqin is fascinating, and probably the most important novel of China (it's also known as Dream of the Red Chamber).

    I look forward to seeing all your choices and getting some book ideas myself. I see you have Winspear (Jacqueline)on your list–I haven't read any of hers, but would like to. Good luck!

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