I luv this reading representation from Sayoor on flickr.Says ‘summer’ to this reader!
I am feeling a bit negligent in blogging at the momentand it’s about to grow even more sporadic.I’ve been accepted for a certification programand will hopefully be heading to my course in 3 weeks!Excitement and anticipation rolled into one…So, while I’ll definitely be reading, the topic will be changing to course material.Def great books ~ just maybe not all my anticipated Austen in August !
As there will be gaps in posting, I wanted you to know all is well,just some changes in life’s trajectory!
What Austen in August have I been reading to this point?*

I read and loved Beth Patillo’s, Mr Darcy Broke My Heart.Jane Austen discovered during a summer seminar in Oxford and in the contemporary life of an American substitute attendee plus~what would be the impact of discovering an unpublished Jane Austen manuscript…? Fun story makes me want to read another in the set!
*I made it through the considerable 343 pages of Val McDermid’scontemporized Northanger Abbey of the Austen Project.  Seemed a lot longer – more wordy- than the original and I had to fight to get through it.Of course I loved the story being set in Scotland!

*I followed my reading by watching the movie version of Northanger Abbey as written by Jane Austen which was a bit of a headspinning period contrast to the contemporary novel.
Totally enjoyed!

Northanger Abbey is a 2007 British television film adaptation of Jane Austen’s gothic parody. It was directed by British television director Jon Jones and the screenplay was written by Andrew Davies.  –Wikipedia
 Initial releaseMarch 25, 2007
Running time120 minutes
                                    ScreenplayAndrew Davies

*Austenland wouldn’t play in either laptop or dvd player ~ sorry to have missed that opp, but I’ve ordered 2 versions of Mansfield Parkto celebrate it’s 200th anniversary for Austen in August!*
I’ve begun the audio of Longbourn by Jo Bakerand have to say I’m totally enjoying it!

Insights of below stairs thinking and well drawn imageryare a fantastic addition to Jane Austen’s world ofPride and Prejudice.Emma Fielding makes this audio exceedingly pleasurable!Luving the British accents…{I’ll post a Tuesday Intro and Tuesday Teaser tomorrow}
*So that’s been my week .What’s on your radar?
Find more reading at Sheila’s Book Journey
It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?and MizB’s ShouldBeReading for Monday Musingsandmore Austen in August!





6 thoughts on “MONDAY READING: AUSTEN IN AUGUST PLUS…. 11.8.14

  1. There's an even older BBC production of Northanger Abbey starring Peter Firth which is worth looking out for.
    I love it so much I've been reluctant to watch more recent versions 🙂

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