Travelling in France today via WWII Army Airforce nursesfeatured in the not yet released novel,IN PERFECT TIME.

Every Tuesday, Dianne hosts First Chapter First Paragraph Tuesday Intros, where she shares the first paragraph or (a few) of a book she’s reading or thinking about reading soon, then invites our participation. Care to join us?

*Here’s mine for today ~
Sisteron, FranceAugust 22,1944
Vive la France!”  Mellie Blake crossed the sod runway, arms outstretched as if to hug the country…“Isn’t the light exquisite?  Alice shielded her eyes and gazed around.  “The Impressionists said Provence has the best light in the world, and I have to agree.  I can’t wait to get out my paints.”Kay didn’t know anything about light or paint, but the scenery was gorgeous – the rolling Durance Valley, the mix of golden grasses and deep green trees, and the sudden white of limestone cliffs, one topped by an ancient citadel… “I’m looking forward to Paris.”Captain Maxwell chuckled.  “Never fear.  You’ll be shopping on the Champs-Elysees before long.*

Today’s intro from Sarah Sundin‘s In Perfect Time set to release from Revell on August 5th.  Book 3 of the WWII novel series,Wings of the Nightingale.
Find the synopsis onIt’s Monday’s book post here.Featuring WWII Army Air Force flight nurse, Lt Kay Jobson in her work evacuating wounded and delivering paratroopers and supplies between Italy and France.Perfect addition to Paris in Julyit arrived in Monday’s mailbox!

*For MizB’s Teaser Tuesday from In Perfect Time ~
Folks back home don’t like to see women in danger, and the newspapers smell a story.  The Army’s managed to keep them quiet, saying it’s in the girls’ best interest.  The more of a fuss we make, the more the Germans will be determined to find you.  They know you’re out here.  They’re looking.  And they don’t like to fail.”

Thanks for joining me today!
I’ll look forward to reading your book intros and teasersof what’s grabbing your attention.I’ve been focusing my reading on France/Paris/French forParis in July 2014.  Today is Tuesday Travels.  You’re invited to check out the great participant book reviews and posts linked HERE.*Enjoy !

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20 thoughts on “TUESDAY: BOOK TEASERS and INTROS 22.7.14

  1. Thank you for the feature! While Kay and Roger don't ever get to Paris, they do explore southern France. I was honored to visit Provence while researching this novel, and it was a joy. I can still smell the lavender!

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