And what reading might add to the wonderful ?
My week included listening to another in the Daisy Dalrymple Mystery seriesby Carola Dunn.
Carola popped in to comment on the audiobook post of her

 a great and appreciated surprise!
This week I’ve listened to book 5,   

                            DAMSEL IN DISTRESS*

I am working through Lacy C Ellman‘sbook for my 6 week Lenten journey.PILGRIM PRINCIPLES[journeying with intention in everday life]which is exactly my intention in choosing this book…

*                       I’ve continued the audio listening of EMMA which I’m really enjoying more than reading.  For other Jane Austen fans,
I’ve found an abridged audio of Emma read by
Fiona Shaw – ‘Sophy Croft’ from the movie version of PERSUASION.
I would certainly enjoy having Fiona reading a story to me
as I so admired her portrayal of Sophy Croft.
A definite reading/listening treat in my books!

   DEATH BY THE BOOK was a fav read this week.
    Book 2 in the Drew Farthering Mystery series
    by Julianna Deering      Released March 4th.
    Set in the 1930’s, a fabulous plot that kept its secrets to the end.

   Review posted  [click to read]*There you have it for this week’s reading.Another 3 audios ahead –

~~~~~~~~~~~~ *  ~~~~~~~~~~Hoping your week of  reading is rewarding !Here’s to SPRING !More reading in the link collection at BOOK JOURNEY*

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13 thoughts on “MONDAY READING: AUDIOBOOKS + BOOKS 10.3.14

  1. I just finished Exit the Actress. A work of historical fiction but I liked that it was written as a diary and included some excerpts of mail between the royals. It was well done.

  2. I would love to use audiobooks, but I find that I just don't pay attention to them. Maybe I should listen when I'm lying down and not trying to do anything else. I'd recommend that the Jane Austen readers (or listeners) use the unabridged version. Her writing is just so clever that it would be a shame to miss anything. Thank you for this blog post! Now that I'm needing to get my feet up more often, I'll check out audiobooks again.

  3. I love audiobooks for turning exercise and housework into an almost pleasurable experience … almost lol. The narrator makes all the difference. Mr Darcy's Noble Connections looks good.

  4. Nice to see the new Drew Farthering mystery out, I read Rules of Murder and liked it. Also neat that the author dropped in in your teaser- how cool is that!

    Hope you have a fabulous new week!

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