LENT: Day 2 6.3.14

Joining two online friends as we photo journey through Lent.One photo per day.Yesterday’s posted – Ash Wednesday .*Today’s was a different kind of exploration as I have yetto discover the whereabouts of my camera’s memory card!
I am sharing a photo expression of my journey today,[Now that I’ve found one in my files.]and totally accurate to today’s weather outside my door !*Such is life, and I find, particularly expressive of beginningmy Lenten journey.  I refuse to let it distract me. 
May you be blessed in your journeying. . . ~

Are you photo journeying  through Lent ?Here are two Lent link ups we’d love to have you check outfor more Lenten photo journaling.
And it’s your opportunity to link up your Lent photos.

Respond as Spirit leads . . .
*Lisa at L.Advent   and  JacquiAvery
Invitation to Photography *



7 thoughts on “LENT: Day 2 6.3.14

  1. @Lisa and @Jacqui so pleased we've connected!
    Thanks to your invites, I'm enjoying new connxns and companionship in this Lenten journey – true Gifts!

    @Crystelle appreciate you sharing your response! you've inspirited me in this photo journey…

    @RamblingWoods thank you for the warm welcome. Still heaps of snow here too!

  2. Hello and welcome to Nature Notes.. I fixed the links. The linky can be difficult at times, but I go through and check all the links and add info if needed so no problems.

    Lovely photo and captures the mood. Today we have sun here in western NY, but there is a lot of snow on the ground and I am very ready for spring… Michelle

  3. What an amazing photo – I love it. We have very different weather here today – buds appearing, blue sky and today some warmth! Will post my day three photo tomorrow as am about to dash out. Looking forward to seeing more of yours!

  4. I am so happy you joined in again today! Whoohoo! We are on day three! I LOVE this photo! It's just beautiful! I'm off to visit JacquiAvery! so glad you playing with me!!! Have a wonderful Day!!! and try to stay warm!


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