Taking Tea in Scotland today …*Drawing pleasure from some Favourite MemoriesI thought you might enjoy vicariously [and virtually!]
We’re visiting the Loch Ness Lodge dating from around 1740!
located in Drumnadrochit
{on the west shore of Loch Ness at the foot of Glen Urquhart }

in the Highlands of Scotland 

*Entering the richly wood pannelled and tartan carpeted hotel .


A warm invitation …*

*One of the various settings for evening drinks showcases the sense of warmth – in colour, books and lighting…[LuV that tartan tablecloth!]*Another area for lounging with fireplace,
basket of Scottish Thistle and aged leather sofa . . .

*I was sooo pleased when our server led us to this cosy spot for taking tea…A lovely bay window nook overlooking the rural landscape{ providing for quiet conversation without other distraction }  *


Delicious tea served promptly to warm and relax, [ thanks to a charming and attentive Highlander ]

Scottish shortbread soon thoughtfully appeared –
tea was complete!


Here’s to Scotland and Friends Taking Tea !
*Taking Tea with   ~**  Ruth  *  Martha   *  Terri  * Sandi  * Bernideen  * * MosaicMonday ** WW * Katherine’s Corner * HopeInEverySeason ** BrambleberryCottage * Weekend Reflections *


photos:   source  *  source


27 thoughts on “TEATIME IN SCOTLAND 4.3.14

  1. Wonderful scenery and hotel And what a lovely spot to have to tea. It is a pretty setting.. Wonderful photos, thanks for sharing Scotland..Have a happy week!

  2. What a perfect spot for tea and a quiet conversation. I so enjoyed visiting your blog today. That is also a wonderful photo of the tea being poured.

  3. Sharon, I suppose I will have to add the sin of “envy” to the list of my wrongdoings. *sigh*

    As it is, I will have to either:

    a) blow up all the graphics to poster size and put them up in my house or,

    b) draw a tartan pattern on a white mug and pretend I'm having tea in Scotland with you! :O)

  4. Oops – not Snap at all! I think – I goofed. Snap is from Twisty Lane Blog. I don't think you use your name but thank you just the same for sharing!

  5. Oh lovely, lovely, lovely! Thank you for sharing your trip with us. I truly enjoyed seeing this hotel and your tea. I love this white tea cup. It is very elegant.

  6. Wow, wish I was there having tea with you! What a charming spot and how cozy it looks. I love the books and the fireplace, too. Hope you have a marvelous time. Maybe some day I will get over there! Thanks for the kind visit today!

  7. Hi There,
    How I would love to visit Scotland and have tea with you there. My grandmother used to make the most delicious oatcakes and her family were Scottish. Thank you for visiting me. Have a wonderful week! Karen

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