FRIDAY 5s from Rev Gal BLog Pals posted by Jan in Tx who says:

Just getting back from four days of silence, I am suddenly thrust back into the world.
Wrestling with choices and seeing elderly decline in others,
I am flummoxed about a Friday Five– so 

think of a favorite off the top of your head for the following:

1. food

Rhubarb Anything  !!  Cake, crumble, platz, jam, syrup, muffins…
Can’t believe I missed “PIE” !

2. drink

3. animal

4. color

5. time of day

Bonus: Any favorite you haven’t mentioned above that you want to bring up!

*I Appreciate the creativity break !Thank you, Jan –
Let us know your choices for today’s Friday 5s in comments 
or link it at   REV GALS  *Shared with missionalwomen

 *and with



9 thoughts on “FRIDAY FIVES: FAVOURITES 21.2.14

  1. My favorite food is Cuban. My favorite drink is water. My favorite animal is a dog. My favorite color is yellow. And, my favorite time of day is morning.

    Happy Pink Saturday. Thank you for joining us today.♥

  2. I love rhubarb, too. It is difficult to find here in south TX. Once I bought it, and the cashier asked me WHAT it was! I remember my mother used to make rhubarb sauce (up in WA State) for us when we would visit her when the kids were little. I love tea and such pretty china tea cups! That also reminds me of my mother. Sweet memories. Thank you.

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