To get you on your feet with today’s
Monday Music Moves Me 

Mike Masse and Jeff Hall cover AFRICA [Toto] *According to host, Marie at Xmas Dollythis week’s theme is a Freebie –our choice – so here are my choices to start your week’s soundtrack with excellence!*

3 time Grammy winner, ASHLEY CLEVELAND An unapologetic rocker chick – Nothing but a FAV !  [with her rockin’ guitar playing hubs, of course, Kenny Greenburg]*



*Dancing ?Great.  My job is Done. for this Monday.
Feel free to link your Monday Music that Moves you at Marie’sMONDAY MUSIC MOVES ME



9 thoughts on “MONDAY MUSIC MOVES ME 17.2.14

  1. really enjoyed Mike Masse song. I've heard that name before?? sure I've heard him sing something else — will have to look him up.

    Love a rocker chick! awesome, really like her voice.

  2. The two gents performing “Africa” did a nice job. I really enjoyed it. Now, Ashley Cleveland is totally new-to-me. How is that a 3x Grammy winner has not popped up on my radar before now? Geez, I must from another world or something. Now that think about, I do recall my kids saying, “My mother is an alien”, but I thought hey, I'm not Mexican. Now the mystery is solved, I am cousins with ET. lol Great to have you on the dance floor with the 4M crew!

  3. I totally agree with Naila Moon. They did such a great job of Africa that I posted it on FB. Those two are awesome. I'm new to Ashley Cleveland too, but I do love her raspy voice & she can rock. YOU TOTALLY ROCKED THE HOUSE GIRLFRIEND. Thanks for joining us. 🙂 HUGS

  4. They did a pretty nice cover of Africa. I still like Toto's version but this was ok too!

    I have never heard of Ashley Cleveland before but I like her stuff.

    Have a good week!

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