Liking today’s challenge at Friday Fives at RevGalBlogPalsSelf disclosure in sharing ‘Encounters’ as follows:
In this week some of us are preaching about a woman who encounters Jesus at the well…
Name 5 encounters in your life 
leading to unexpected results.
[They might include learning a new skill, 
making a friend, falling in love, discerning a call or anything around or far off from those ideas.]*The first one coming to mind began as online exploration.1– Sharing my response to a fascinating website  Visions Alternative Worship in York UKbecame an invitation to meet the Spiritual curator, Sue Wallace, and ‘encounter’ the Alternative Worship  in ‘real life’.  *

*Two years later,2– I was blessed with [a result of another amazing ‘encounter’] an overseas journey to the UK that enabledmy real life ‘encounter’ at Visions York.  I experienced various worship services for a week and participated to the max.  Life-changing. . .This ‘encounter’ became the seed for a new life directionin ministry and ensuing ‘encounters’.Studies and training at home in mission and pioneer ministry, 3– online with the Ridley Hall Cambridgepioneer ministry minister, Dave Male,4– later to Scotland for the Mission Shaped MinistryC of E course with amazing instructors,  John and Olive Fleming Drane5– On a weekend intensive in the HighlandsI met the founders of the program the course is based on!All were a bonus outcome of one afternoon ‘browsing’.Thanks be to God!*Thanks Rev Gals for the challenging post.I’ve had a great walk down a meaningful memory lane!Interestingly, it’s re-lit a fire in my spirit …*
Anyone willing to share your life changing encounters with FHC ?We’d love to hear from You…*


8 thoughts on “LIFE CHANGING ENCOUNTERS 31.1.13

  1. I am trying not to be pea-green with envy that you have been to Scotland. That is definitely near the top of my bucket list in terms of important things to do before I die.

    Several years ago, a friend of a friend told me she was going to Scotland an, knowing my interest, offered to bring me back a souvenir. I asked for a vial of Scottish soil. I guess she thought that was weird enough that I wound up not getting anything. *sigh* Ah well, it wouldn't have been the same as actually being there.

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