Fall into Reading Day 3 Read-a-Thon 24.9.13

 Fall into Reading challenge Fall video Tag for today.Allison and Mallory asked and my answers follow…1- fave fall reading?
Books set in the fall / autumn season.

*2- fave fall drinks?

3- fave movie to watch on gloomy days?

Jane Austen’s ‘PERSUASION’

4- fave book taking my mind off school/work?

currently?  Glittering Promises!Dropped everything when this arrived today by post –

*5- fave book set in school/academy?1 of the Chronicles of Narnia series

6- on cold damp days, which character would I like curled up next to me?

Captain Frederick Wentworth !

7- fave fall activity?walking through the leafy banks in a park

8- what are your fave horror films or books?

I don’t like horror period.  I do like suspense.
Agatha Christie eg- ‘4:50 from Paddington

9- fave music to listen to?Ashley Cleveland’s R+B
10- what books read in school as required reading?John Steinbeck’s ‘The Grapes of Wrath
11- anticipated autumn book releases?Rebecca St James ‘Merciful Scar

12- books you are planning on reading this fall?Glittering Promises‘ by Lisa T Bergren

Celebrations‘ by Canadian 
Mennonite Girls Can Cook

Fatal Tide‘ by Lis Weihl

Love at First Slight‘ by Canadian J Marie Croft

*13- fave places to read?a sunny sheltered outdoor spot like…

via women’s tea time on fb
*14- 5 things that come to mind thinking about autumn?*

*changing colours of leavescool nights with warm drinks!shuffling through drifts of leaves on a walkslowing the pace + enjoy being able to still be outdoorsfinding and wearing beautiful scarves =)
15- which books should be taught in school?Jane Austen and CS Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia
*LilySlim Fitness goals tickers
*Have addcompleted another to my reading challenge goal.yes!  Glittering Promises Done!*Have you signed up for Dewey’s 24 hr Readathon?October 12th just ahead … 😉

Happy Fall into Reading this Week !*

Find out more readers’ reading at Book Journey
for this week 


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