Fall into Reading Read-a-thon – Poetry Day 23.9.13

 Day 2 of our 1st week of Autumn Read-a-Thon

Here’s today’s challenge from the sisters:Today’s challenge is a Fall poem. There is so much inspiration for poetry in the fall, and  we know that readers are especially creative people so we expect some good ideas.”
Confident, aren’t they?
Anything inspiring you’d like to share?

My contribution is in response to
Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s inspiring quote.
*Thinking mine would go something like this –

the bush afire

the holy ground

with shoes removed

my heart resounds

to autumn’s glory that surrounds…

*LilySlim Fitness goals tickers
As to my reading ? Having finished 2 books yesterday, I am still ahead of my goalbeing 1/2 way through book 3, Mary Manners, Tender Mercies,highschool sweeties who fallout, reconnecting 6 years latervia a fundraising auction…{contemporary romantic reunion in the making}

*And how is your Fall into Reading going today?


2 thoughts on “Fall into Reading Read-a-thon – Poetry Day 23.9.13

  1. Oh! You have shared my very favorite Elizabeth Barret Browning quote – so captivating!

    Just wanted you to know that I haven't forgotten about our Reading Scotland Challenge – which is proving to be more challenging than I'd like in light of all the changes in my life this year. However – I am in hopes to complete my ONE book by November – and today's post just lights a fire under me to do so! Mentioned you and shared your button and a link . . . hope you like:



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