HapPy 1st Day of Autumn! Fall into Reading Read-a-thon 22.9.13

HapPy 1st Day of Fall Everyone!!Still very green around here, but a few yellow toucheslet us know it’s Autumn as do the chilly nights!Perfect for celebrating with some reading …

Thanks to Allison and Mallory for creating and hosting !I have been consumed with so many new ‘to do’s’ and xtra commitments,reading has really become a momentary treat.I almost hate to commit for realities soon replace my wishes!Even if I accomplish 1 or 2 books this week I will feel victorious,thus my participation to acknowledge the accomplishment!My go to for easy reading refreshment?Starting with Rosamunde Pilcher’s aproposThe END of SUMMER !

Next?  As time and interest dictate….
Are you joining in?Sign up at The Bibliophile Sisters to participate.HapPy Fall !HapPy Reading !LilySlim Fitness goals tickersYes, an afternoon of Autumn sunshine relaxing with a book and I’ve knocked down 1 !The End of Summer is DONE !Unsure what will capture my attention next, Which will be book #2 ?
Thinking possibly a Hamish Macbeth?
MC Beaton’s inimitable red-haired Scottish Sergeant’s
humorous hijinx in the Highlands…sounding good to me !

Yes! managed to finish this one by end of day.
Knowing tomorrow’s busy schedule, that’sprobably a good thing!*Let us know what’s on your week’s reading hitlist.

Link up with Sheila and friends
[she’s away camping without internet for 5 days]just check for her post at Book Journey*


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