[JANE] Austen in August begins Today at Misty’s 18.8.13

Perfect start to Misty’s Austen in August eventtoday through the end of the month.

*In celebration, I’m posting a virtual tour of Jane Austen’s House[now museum] in the English village of Chawton, Alton, Hampshire[post links will be added HERE throughout the event]I look forward to hearing your responses and first hand insightsfrom anyone whose been there.

*Have you joined any of the {Jane} Austen in August events?Always new reading discoveries and lovely to have the company of other Janeites !Stop by Misty’s for great activities, giveaways, plus her Mansfield Parkread a long for anyone interested.HapPy Reading!  and More HapPy Viewing[click to view slideshow]thanks to Michael J Sumner![click Michael’s name to view great photos]*and Maria Grazia 


Shared at Adam’s Austen in August link to posts


3 thoughts on “[JANE] Austen in August begins Today at Misty’s 18.8.13

  1. Well, you needn't thank me. I'm always happy to share 🙂
    It was such an emotion to be at Chawton a couple of years ago. I was so excited and even moved at being there. I wish I can go again sooner or later.
    See you all tomorrow on Misty's blog!

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