It’s Monday! What Are You Reading ? 24.6.13

It’s Monday!  What Are You Reading?

Sharing with fellow Book Journey readers and bloggers for another week..
Reading a kindle release of a YA series by Judy Baer from MNLive! from Brentwood High                                       A very thorough coverage of each topic the students of an innovative media class decide to cover – in print or  tv – via live interviews in their school and community.I have read the first 3 this weekend – topics covered students training for emergency medical teams in rural areas,violence in schools and community,sexual harassment.Great concept for  a highschool class andfor a book series!A lot of humour as I got to know each of the creatively personalized characters  .Risky Assignment reviewedPrice of Silence reviewedDouble Danger reviewed[click title to link directly to review]

*[ sorry – my internet is so ridiculously slow I can’t add the other 2 !][Finally !- Got up early and able to add them ;)]*Another novel I’m working through for a July book tour –Canadian author, Patricia Sands’ novel Promise of Provence.

*“Be prepared to fall in love with Provence! This is a story that will draw you in with its vibrancy in setting and characters. A must read for any woman with a desire for romance and travel.” –  Steena Holmes
*Pretty sure I’ll be finishing that on Tuesday’s flight – 2 1/2 hours of airborne reading time!Looking forward to that getaway…Of course, another 2 1/2 hours for the return – not sure what my reading will be then !
Next week’s Monday is Canada’s Birthday !! whoohoo !

which also marks the beginning of the Newest Annual Canadian Reading Challengefor everyone interested in reading Canadian authors [such as LM Montgomery – Anne of Green Gables fame][Margaret Laurence – Stone Angel or Murray Pura – Danforths of Lancashire series]Books featuring Canadian locations, people, characters, etc in any genre.Stop by to say ‘hi’ to John who hosts this year long annual event . He’ll fill you in on the deets at his blog Book Mine Set.*I look forward to finding your reviews listed in the monthly link list!and in the comments.  Great way to broaden your reading and get to know new authors…*Have a fabulous week of reading in some sunshine if you can =)I’m off for the week and will have to catch up with you after that – Thank you for understanding why I’m not popping by to comment on your awesome reads!![I’m off to meet the new man in my life =) baby grandson!]*

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