Audio Book Week: We’re Listening ! 20.6.13

We’re Listening Day 4 of the Audio Book Week*


hosted at Devourer of Books blog . Our discussion topic today?*

Today’s prompt:
What do you do while you listen?
Any particular tasks or games that you find amazing for audio time?

Despite all the invites to game playing I know I’d be caught up in them leaving a lot of other things undone!  I have to astutely avoid them for my own good!Usually what I do while I listen is drive.  I find listening makes driving relaxing.The miles fly by and I’m at my destination seemingly in less time.And I’ve enjoyed the pleasure of imagining with the story.*Listening at home whilst folding laundry, doing laundry, making beds,  meal prep[if it’s a familiar dish not requiring concentration!]

knitting, quilting, creating bracelets or bookmarks, are some tasks that afford easy listening.*


The easiest, of course, is resting somewhere in the world of the story!*

via*What are you up to when audiobook listening?Care to share?Find more responses at the Devourer of Books link up[why not add yours?]*

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9 thoughts on “Audio Book Week: We’re Listening ! 20.6.13

  1. I'm like Carol–I don't think I could rest while listening. I also get very restless. But my husband will sometimes listen to his book in bed which means bonus reading time for me! And ditto with the games. I don't even want to think about putting them on my phone. 😉

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