1000 Gifts: Counting Gratitude for June

 June’s Gratitude ListProviding suggestions to look daily for 3 gifts for which we’re grateful …

3 gifts per day = 1000 gifts per year {More info at author Ann Voskamp – blog or FB}Ready for June’s ?*1- 3 gifts orange? cantaloupe, carrots, apricots*2- 3 gifts funny?me being up this late to write posts! friend FB comments!what some peeps do to get attention =)*3- 3 gifts from today’s conversations?laughter, imagination, creativity*4- 3 gifts found in Christ?baby grandson born today! son & daughter in lawall found in the body of Christ*5- a gift of Peace, of Hope, of Love?My Peace I leave with you… -Yeshua/Jesus John 14.27God, the source of Hope … Romans 15.13experience for yourselves the Love of Christ… Ephesians 3.19*6- 3 gifts ‘ugly’ beautiful?rusty vintage wrought iron fencing, new growth from winter’s leftovers, compost and its outcome*7- 3 gifts in what you are reading?joy, adventure, introduction to new places*8- 3 gifts empty?kitchen sink, laundry basket, dishes after supper*9- 3 gifts that made you really smile?tweets, authors pleased with my reviews, IM from a friend on FB*10-  a gift at 8, at 12, at 2 ?waking to sunshine, delish lunch, 50% off books at the charity shop!*11- 3 gifts painted?book mark, shabby chic wood tray, book cupboard*

*12- 3 gifts full?my heart, my bookshelves!, my cup of tea…*13- 3 gifts smelled?Luscious Lilacs !   Cherry Danish  and  Morning Chai…                              

*14 – A gift unexpected, unwanted, unlikely ?a scanner/copier, wind, drop in gas price*15- 3 gifts in His Word?guidance, counsel, comfort*16- 3 gifts moving?sun, shadow, clouds*17- 3 gifts found in my Dad?wisdom, contentment, laughter*18- 3 gifts from my heavenly Father?welcome, love, shelter [Psalm 91] click to link directly*19- 3 gifts you became today in serving?kinder, compassionate, giving*20- a gift bent, beautiful, loved?book page corners, new life, grandbaby*21- 3 gifts found in light?truth, vision, revelation*22- 3 gifts that are difficult?going to meet my grandbaby knowing I must return the 1400 miles home,having the joy of going yet having to arrange departure,spending time together, yet not knowing when we will have that opportunity again..*23- 3 gifts found around a table?fun, laughter, family*24- a gift in water, in words, in white? refreshment, encouragement, boarding pass for tomorrow’s flight*25- 3 gifts today in someone older than me?assistance getting to the airport, assistance in checking boarding pass, assistance with luggage*26- 3 gifts in fabric?sweet new grandbaby wrapped in flannelette, scarves to create in skeins of yarn, summer freedom in lite fabric!*27- 3 gifts framed by a frame?grandbaby framed by camera, my children framed by photos, views from my windows*28- 3 gifts eaten?perogies, farmer sausage from home, with white cream sauce*29- a gift small, BIG, just right?darling grandbaby, my son his daddy,  the day out enjoying each other’s presence*30- 3 gifts YOU GAVE today?forgiveness, love, time
*~~~~~~~~ * ~~~~~~~~*


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