Armchair BEA Day 1 Discussion: Joys of Reading Jane Austen

What a great topic to begin our BEA Book BLogging Week ~One of my fave [among many!] classic authors?Jane Austen


I know, I’ve heard the negatives of those who ‘can’t get into her writing’,but perhaps there are ways to overcome the issues?I would suggest starting your exploration with an audio version for, perhaps, an intermediate level.This way you’ll have the pleasure of someone reading you a story that allows you to relax and receive rather than giving yourself in a struggle to understand.Penguin Reader service has published a great series of abridged Jane’s books complete with cdthat make a great intro to her writing and storytelling.*

The next recommendation I would make is to choose an annotated version of the book of choice.Having the unknowns in the story explained via notes included alongside is a great option to overcome any reading hesitancy.  What does this mean? or I wonder what this is? are now understood and you’re the richer for the reading experience.  Jane’s insights into and examples of human nature, both good and evil, are not to be missed.Then once you’ve grown to appreciate these introductionsyou’ll be hunting down your own copies of the titles.All of the above are available via your public library making it a painless way to beginyour exploration.  There are countless blogs furthering love of Jane Austen, another source of info and connection.And blog reading events like Austen in August and Jane Austen reading groups on Goodreads and at Indie Jane for examples you can check into.When you’re ready to begin your own collection, you might want to visit your local charity or thrift store.  Beside saving yourself a lot of cash you’ll be supporting a good work in your own neighbourhood.I’ll look forward to hearing from you on your new reading adventureand sharing the Joys of  Reading Jane !* 

A few other personal fave classics?CS Lewis’ Chronicles of NarniaLM Montgomery’s Rainbow Valley and Anne of Green Gables seriesGeorge MacDonald’s At the Back of the North Wind, The Marquis’ Secret +++Yours?


13 thoughts on “Armchair BEA Day 1 Discussion: Joys of Reading Jane Austen

  1. Excellent step by step intro system.. thinking that would be great to implement for any classics a reader may be uncertain of. Well done!

  2. Excellent! This is a great post, Sharon. Well thought out and very helpful to those, like me for many years, who didn't make the effort to read Austen (and other classics). Sure glad I finally did, of course!

  3. So many people love Jane Austen, so I really need to read something by her soon! I keep meaning to read Pride and Prejudice, so that is probably where I'll start, but I'll definitely give Persuasion a look too.

    Thanks for stopping by my post! 🙂

  4. I love the way you have laid out your post!! Truly original and helpful for those who are a little put off by classics. And Jane Austen is always a good place to start with the classics.

  5. I recently read Emma for the first time and it is a book I think anyone would like. I chose it because it said it is full of humor, and I agree. So that is a good book for new (or any) Jane Austen fans.

  6. I am an absolutely huge fan of JA – in fact I even watched P and P the other day when it was raining. I keep a collected works of her on my bedstand.

    But……Persuasion was my very least favorite, I didn't like it and couldn't get into it like all her others. I am not sure why. Just thought I would tell you. Perhaps I need to revisit, it's been a good number of years since I attempted.

    Love your Keep Calm.

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