Read a Thon: Cover Mini Challenge

Hour 18 Mini Challenge 
in the Dewey 24 hr Read a thon
Stacy  posts,
I think all of these colorful covers will perk up those tired eyes!
At Oscar time I asked my readers to vote on their own Bookish Ballots for 2012. I thought I’d let you do the same for 2013 so far.
There are two ways to participate-1 Vote for your favorite in each category by leaving a comment (when challenge is over come back and I’ll have them tallied up)  2. Post your own winners in said categories..”
My choices?
1- Best Title?
2- Best Dressed?
3- Cutest Couple?
4- Most Delicious Cover?
5- Cutest Animal?
6- Cutest Kid
7- Best to avoid in a dark alley?
8- Best Tattoo?
9- Best Cover?
Thanks for the late nite creativity, Stacy!
What covers would be ‘winners’ for you?

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