Ultimate Blog Party Invite to Faith Hope Cherrytea 2013 !

Welcome all Ultimate BLog Partyers!
Have you been counting down the days?

Ultimate Blog Party 2013
Life often gets chaotic when we’re anticipating some
FuN interlude, but I’m glad we’ve made it to today
{in spite of whatever shape we may find ourselves}!
I’m glad you’re here and
so pleased you’ve chosen to stop by and explore
Faith Hope and Cherrytea!

Faith Hope + Cherrytea
aims to be an online sanctuary of peace and restfulness
in the midst of life’s craziness!
Intentional beauty and gentleness,
reflective and inspiriting posts
that send you on your way refreshed.

Topics vary between book reviews and recommendations,
I love introducing new books and finding new books!
{ You’re invited to join the Scotland Reading Challenge FHC is hosting for 2013}

Latest charity shop finds of teacups and linens,

{usually posting with other Teacup loving friends for their memes}

FHC offers inspiring
monthly free wallpaper calendars to brighten your pc or laptop,
{check out April’s offers just below this post and grab your fave!}

photo posts for Abbey of the Arts and photo fans
{FHC posts Christine’s invites for each month’s Flickr Photo Party}

keeping an ongoing count of Gratitude for 3 of God’s Gifts
on a daily basis = 1000 Gifts per year!
inspired by Ann Voskamp, author of 1000 Gifts
tweeted to the Gratitude community via #1000Gifts
{monthly links found on sidebar pages list}

FHC hosts various Giveaways of music and books
related to reviews or book tours
{even my own bookmark bling when time allows!}

and join various memes of interests that may be new to you
{ listed on sidebar}

After all ~

I’m so pleased you’re here!

Help yourself to a cup of your tea choice
and a treat to enjoy on your travels!

I would love to have you join fellow travellers on GFC here at the blog,

on Pinterest,

Faith Hope Cherrytea

at Goodreads, on Facebook, networked blogs or twitter @_eHope

Follow _eHope on Twitter

You’re Welcome wherever you choose to connect with
Faith Hope and Cherrytea ~

Inspiring FAITH, Inspiriting HOPE, Innovating CHARITY

Looking forward to meeting You
and hearing about your online blog life!

Ultimate Blog Party 2013

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Poofy Cheeks

Bev’s Pink Saturday on Now


4 thoughts on “Ultimate Blog Party Invite to Faith Hope Cherrytea 2013 !

  1. Hi lady!
    Nice to meet you. I've read a few of your books on your to-read list and you've got some awesome page turners coming up! I'm stopping in from the UBP13 party. You have a lovely blog!

  2. Hello!
    I've been one of your followers for quite a while, but I'm stopping by to say hi on the UBP and to invite you to my new blog hop on Bible Love Notes beginning May 3rd.
    Love your new tea cups. And have you always had that Chesterton quote as your header…I love it.
    Bless you,

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