April 2013 Calendars / Wallpaper FREE for PCs

YaY!  April !
Anticipating warmer weather and more sun!
Here are your freebies for pc backgrounds …



Left click to enlarge, right click to save.
THen go to saved view and click to ‘set as background’.
If it’s not the right size, visit the calendar sites directly
for other size options… Have FuN with this!


One thought on “April 2013 Calendars / Wallpaper FREE for PCs

  1. Oh, my dear!!! I am sooo sorry I haven't been posting my comments! I have them all lined up and waiting for me to get back to each one before publishing but then I was away Easter week on vacation to see my grandbaby and now that I'm back home – I am so backlogged I fear I will never catch up. I thought of you as I packed for our New England trip, though – put my Scotland travel journal by Liz Curtis Higgs in my bag thinking I'd be able to get some reading in – alas – my grandbaby is all of 2 years old. No such luck! I am home and swamped with a new project and too many old projects and far too much to blog ablut – not the least of which is my give-away for my Blogoversary which I am painfully late in getting pulled together. Do pray for me – need extra days in the week just now. Will blog with a catch-up to make you breathless very soon! Joy!

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