Tea Time, Tea Cups, and Tea Talk…

First March Tea Time !

Thank you for visiting ~

I’m grateful to find batteries for my son’s camera
and a moment of bright sun in the midst of our continuous
snowfalls to make these photos happen !
Here’s one of my no name, charity shop, teatime delights..
no company – no pattern – no markings
other than ‘Made in England’
{photo’d on lovely vintage charity shop find linens!}
I love how the black sets off the pastels…
and the fullness of the florals inside the cup !
the saucer also makes a lovely server for dessert on a doily !
A darling cup shape and the handle is exquisite..

Thanks for sharing my Teacup Treat !

I love your company here at FHC ~

 FHC  TeaTime on Pinterest has more TeaCups…
Have a wonderful week…
or  Ruth’s always interesting


Bev’s PINK Saturdays


9 thoughts on “Tea Time, Tea Cups, and Tea Talk…

  1. What a sweet bargain! This cup has such pretty flowers, and the shape is so very feminine the way it is tucked in at the “waist”.

  2. The tea cup/saucer is exquisite. I judged drama yesterday and one play had two British men having tea in the states–china teacups and all. It made me smile!

  3. That is a really pretty teacup and saucer and the best part – English – and a great bargain!!! You did well! Thanks so much for sharing with Friends Sharing Tea!

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