Pink for TeaCup Tuesday 2.26.13

Here we are at our final February 
TeaCup Tuesday ~
Posting a familiar fave I grew up with at my Nana’s..
Royal Albert ‘BLossom Time’
I probably should have saved this post as a
tribute, perhaps for MuM’s Day,
to the loving woman who shared her china gifts
with a wee girl who would grow up to love them
because she did…
Ah well, those are fond memories whatever the day!
I particularly love how the squarish tea plate shape
sets off the cup and saucer..
and here’s the lovely saucer on its own ~

I would love to brew up a  pot of luxury tea from Whittards Chelsea
to share with you !
Unless any of you are intending a surprise visit,
here’s a Tea Party poem that will have to do for now! ..

~ from Miss Rose Sister Violet ~
If any of you take along your fave teas when you’re travelling,
this would make tea a traveller’s treat ~
Hoping your Tuesday is Tea-riffic !
Joining all the blogging Tea Cup Luvers at
See you for Tea Time next in March… =)

Ruth’s for both these TeaTime posts

Thursday Favorite Things


21 thoughts on “Pink for TeaCup Tuesday 2.26.13

  1. Just popped over from Jenn's blog to say that your cherry blossoms tea cup/saucer is absolutely beautiful…so full of spring and cheer.

    Blessings for a lovely spring,

  2. Hello, I am french and I leave near Versailles, but, I am sorry, my english is not good. I love your cup with flowers of cherry… is so beautiful. Good day !

  3. I love this sweet post. Your setting is so pretty…are those cherry blossoms on the tree? We drove through Portland, OR yesterday and I snapped a quick picture of a cherry tree that had blossomed…so pretty!

    Thanks so much for linking up to my Homemaking Linkup! Hope you're having a great week so far.

    Mrs. Sarah Coller

  4. One of my favorite RA patterns. I love the landscape designs…so beautiful and nostalgic! Glad I brought back some memories of the Gladstone tea shop…think I had tea cakes last time I was there….Thanks for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  5. I loved your post so much – I'm preparing a post for tomorrow that features your post – by way of a tiny tiny picture of your teacup. It's on my blog Just Put The Pan On The Table (it won't link here, but my main blog will and there is a link in the header menu for the blog). Thanks for sharing your post. I'm still dreaming about that china pattern! Jenn

  6. Oh, I'm so glad I stopped by here. I too love your tea cup, saucer and plate. I love the different shapes but also the way the road leaves off and picks up when the saucer sits on the plate. I'm not often taken with too many china patterns – but that took me! 😉
    AND I loved the poem you shared. I did save it as an image for me to see on my desktop – if you prefer I didn't just let me know and I'll remove it.
    Goodness, that was a nice cup of tea! Thank you!
    Happy Pink Saturday and Homemaking Link-Up. I'm posting with both. On PS I'm link #78 and on HLU I'm link #47 – my ID on this comment will take you to another of my blogs. I'm going to have to figure out how to stop or fix that somehow.
    Thanks, Jenn

  7. Very pretty! The Tea Party quote is perfect for me since I live alone, and I love having tea. I'll try that 🙂

    Dropping by from the Thursday Favorite Things hop,

  8. Beautiful post! I really love Blossom Time. It is such a gorgeous pattern. I too, think the square plates are fab. The scene is so lovely. I can't imagine an entire table set with these beauties.

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