Friday Five ?s

Today we’re sharing our responses to thoughts from Revkjarla..

Who knew it was the Second Friday of the month?   
Thank goodness something reminded me.
I have been busy getting ready for Blizzard Nemo
(really, 24 inches in Boston?  Why on earth don’t I have a snow blower???)
 and pondering life transitions–oh, but enough about me.  

How about you?  

1) What is sneaking up on you, and what have you been thinking about? 
Lent seems to have snuck up on me!
and I have been thinking about making it a creative journey this year…

2)  What will you have for lunch today?
Something currently unknown but always delish !
I’m off to a training session that concludes with a fab catered lunch…

3)  If you were to get snowed in for two days, and you need to hunker down,
what essentials and treats would you store up? 
As this is a regular occurence where I live
{ and especially so this winter!}
Definitely soups, and brownies or fave cookies for treats,
unless you have power and ingredients to bake.
Which of course is great, because then you’re also warming the house!

4) Tell me a story about one awesome thing you have experienced in the last couple of weeks. 
I was invited to participate in a journey of intentional wonder –
21 Days of Wonder to #livewonderstruck
Each day began with a prompt to focus on wonder in a particular direction. 
I absolutely loved it!  and the creativity it inspired .
I created a pinterest board  for both prompts and my responses.
Basically my journal of the journey.  But one that’s very much alive in me.
I would like to continue this as my Lenten journey as I continue to 
#livewonderstruck.  Definitely an awesome thing!

5)  What is your favourite office supply to splurge on? (now THAT is random, right?)
ahhhh – journals.  cardstock and stationery …

As always, let us know you played in the comments ~
I look forward to hearing your responses!

Thanks Revkjarla for the play time…

HapPy Friday!


10 thoughts on “Friday Five ?s

  1. I would love to hear more about your Lenten wonder journey. Creativity is definitely something that I'm always catching up on, and need to find a more intentional way to keep it central in my life.

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