Jane Austen Celebration Giveaway WINNERs!

Warmest CONGRATULATIONS to the Winners
of our Jane Austen 200th P&P Celebration
here at Faith Hope + Cherrytea!

* ~ BARB + Sophia Rose ~ *
who follow the blog, Pinterest, fb, twitter and Goodreads
and who adore JA ! 

So pleased you found your way here!
Hoping you will especially enjoy the
 Jane Austen finds on Pinterest!
{and your special bookmark prize!}
Thank you for following…
Delighted to have you with us!

to each and every one who took time to
Celebrate Jane and Pride and Prejudice
by stopping long enough to
comment and find a way to connect with FHC
that fits with your interests and schedule ~
Not an easy thing to do these days!
You’re most Welcomed and Appreciated!

Pride and Prejudice
came in as the hands down favourite in reader’s comments!
It’s been a pleasure to read your replies
learning more about you and your JA interest.

We’ll look forward to seeing you again soon!

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