21 Days of Wonder: ‘SKY’

21 Days of Wonder SKY

God’s sanctuary in the sky awaits us all.
Take fifteen minutes to look, really look, at all the lights in the sky—
the disc that is the moon, the Milky Way, the stars,
even the planes that shoot across night’s canopy.
Even if there’s light pollution, take note of the shadows and the textures above.
As you observe the lights—those created by God and others crafted by humankind—
reflect on the promise God made to Abraham thousands of years ago
that his descendants would be more numerous than all the stars in the sky (Genesis 15:5).
Consider God’s faithfulness in your own life and journey.
Snap a photo of what you see.
Wonder Challenge: 
Upload your photo of the sky on FB, Pinterest, Twitter, or blog 
How did the sky change throughout the day? 
 Post as many pictures as you can, let’s #LIVEWONDERSTRUCK!

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