Joy Dare Gratitude Journalling: January 2013

Beginning a New Year of Gratitude journalling,
thought I’d share these January prompts
from Ann Voskamp ~
Many more Gratitude based printouts to download at
A Holy Experience
including Ann’s beautiful Year of Graces calendar
of pages with Gratitude quotes and photos to inspirit you
or numbered pages in her newest
Need motivation to prompt your own Gratitude journalling?
Ann lists these for starters…
1. Have a relative absence of stress and depression.
(Woods et al., 2008)
2. Make progress towards important personal goals
(Emmons and McCullough, 2003)
3. Report higher levels of determination and energy
(Emmons and McCullough, 2003)
4. Feel closer in their relationships/
 desire to build stronger relationships
(Algoe and Haidt, 2009)
5. Increase your happiness by 25% —
(Who wouldn’t want a quarter more happiness!)
(McCullough et al., 2002)

   I am linking my own 1000 Gifts of Gratitude
to each Monday post at Ann’s blog.
You’re welcome to join us!
For the 1st Monday of January ?
1. 3 gifts heard ~ New Yr greetings,
words of appreciation, birdsong
2. a gift outside~ son arriving 
inside~ pkg of Christmas cookies + tea   
on a plate~ healthy meal
3. graces you overheard ~ prayers,
compliments, helpful counsel
4. a gift old~ china cups
new~ fantastic quilted comforter
blue~my son’s eyes
5. something you’re reading~ daily lectionary
making~ blog reading challenge  
seeing ~ new life perspectives
6. one thing in your bag~ books
your fridge~ chicken  your Epiphany
7. 3 graces from people you love~
friendship, time shared, embraces
Ready to add yours or read more?


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