Scotland Reading Challenge 2013 for January’s 1st Monday !

Its January 2013’s First Monday! What are you reading?
I’m reading my first selection
in the Reading Scotland Challenge 2013
which I’m hosting now thru November..
are cordially invited to participate!
Scroll down for the posted details…
My first book choice is one of Scottish author Rosamunde Pilcher’s
short story collections,
“Flowers in the Rain & Other Stories”
Other books and authors in queue?
George MacDonald series [many available as free ebook downloads] 
 Liz Curtis Higgs’ “Mine is the Night”,
 Jennifer Hudson Taylor’s “Highland Sanctuary”
to start off!
How about your own reading choices on this 1st Monday?
Looking forward to hearing from you ~
Especially looking forward to hearing your response
to the Reading Scotland Challenge !
EnJoy your reading time this week …

More Monday Inspy here



One thought on “Scotland Reading Challenge 2013 for January’s 1st Monday !

  1. This intrigues me! I'm in.

    The main reason is that I've been wanting to read Sir Walter Scott's poetry for a long time. In November, I found a *delicious* leather-bound 1893 edition of his complete poetical works at a library sale. So I'd like a good incentive to dig in (as if one needs an incentive…but I do!).

    I'll also commit to reading one George MacDonald (probably Lilith), and to completing Lang's Green Fairy Book.

    And Waverly by Sir Walter Scott. There. That's four books, which raises me from being a bairn to a lass. And I'd better be content with that as the first book is three inches thick. 🙂

    I'll link my post sometime this week.

    What a great idea!


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