Frost on the Pumpkin TeaCup Thursday 11/1

Joining Miss Spenser for a warmly wonderful
featuring mugs of
 “Frost on the Pumpkin” tea
[available at Miss Spenser’s Tea 641-342-1547]
Luv the mugs!
Luv the sentiments…
Pull up a chair and join me?
It’s a nippy day with frosty wind whipping scattered rain about~
A large mug of tea seems just right to me!

And if you’re a reader I have a few Great New Reads to inspire you
while we share this TeaTime Together..
Author Mary Manners
has written the perfect accompaniments
to a good cuppa !
[all are currently available on kindle apps for 1.99!]
EnJoying our TeaTime Together !
and looking forward to hearing your responses…
More TeaCup Thursday posts at Miss Spenser’s Teas
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6 thoughts on “Frost on the Pumpkin TeaCup Thursday 11/1

  1. I love this and I love this blog. I'm trying SO hard to develop one LOL. I have most of Mary's books on my Kindle…it's so hard getting the tmie to read. But definitely on my list of things to do soon. Love ya,Mary, I'll write more soon. xox God bless.

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