Book Swap Nov 1 thru Nov 7th ~

Here’s our chance!
Too many books?  
Want to swap xtras for some ‘wanted’ titles?
You’re Welcome to join us with your Lists ~
add yours in comments or link your own blog post
Have FuN with some ‘new to you’ Reads !
Here are the rules (cuz everyone loves rules, right?):
-Include a list of books
 you are willing to swap and 
another of what you wish to receive with others
[I am willing to swap
 these books-title of book +any additional info]
I am looking for these 



(if you don’t have any of these books
 , which ones are you are willing to swap  
and maybe we can work something out)
        -title of book
 (any additional info)
 include a way for the potential swappers to contact 
-post any important facts about the books
 they are swapping 
[ARC, Paperback, Hardback, What book # if in a series]
Each book
 you want to swap must be in good condition
-blogger and swapper each pay shipping for any book
 they send out
Clearly post which countries you will ship to
-Include the list of other blogs participating in this hop
 end 12:00 AM November 8th 

 books  you are swapping must be family friendly! (no inappropriate covers)
Likewise your blog must also be family friendly. (no dirty pictures!)
-include all the other Book Swappers blog links too
Here are the participating bloggers links:

1. Books By Amanda 2. The Maniacal Bookworm
3. FaithHopeCherryTea 4. Mark Johnson’s Books
5. Marie 6. Henry Circle

  7.             Book Drunkard               8.                Kimberlee

Thank you for participating! I really really appreciate it ~
 I hope you send out of a lot of books 
+ receive a lot of books in return!
*REMEMBER* Once you send a book out you won’t get it back! 
It’s the new owner’s for good! 
Just like the book you receive is now your’s for good! 
So only send out books you’re willing to part with !
Brenna aka The Maniacal Bookworm

** My Lists ~ ** 

Like New’ Duplicates I’m willing to swap : ~

I am willing to send to US/CA

Books I’m Looking for and
Hoping you might have a copy to swap?

by Julie Klassen
by Jane Kirkpatrick
Where Lilacs Still Bloom
Julia Cameron
The Artist’s Way
Many thanks for your interest ~
Be sure to link your book offerings or requests
either by post or in comments…

Join the Celebration at
No Ordinary Blog Hop ?!
 No Ordinary Blog Hop 


5 thoughts on “Book Swap Nov 1 thru Nov 7th ~

  1. Hi Faith!
    Thank you for participating in the BookSwapBlogHop ~ I hope it's a success and she decides to run it again ~ I'm having fun!

    While I don't have any of the books on your list, I was wondering if you'd like a look at what I'm offering? If you do find something, I'm interested in your “Fitzwilliam Ebenezer Darcy: P & P meets A Christmas Carol

    Here's my link:

  2. Kat Duncan 31 October 16:41

    Books to giveaway:
    Lucy Diamond – Summer with my sister
    Carrie Duffy – Diva
    Lucy Lord – Revelry
    Jo Jo Moyes – The Girl Behind me
    Erin Duffy – Bond Girl
    Sam Binnie – Wedding Diaries
    Alison Mercer – Stop the Clock
    Carole Matthews – Wrapped up in you
    Lisa Jewell – After the party

    Kristina Ohlsson – Silenced
    Emma Hannigan – Keeping Mum
    Emma Hannigan – Driving Home For Christmas
    Daniel Glattauer – Every Seventh Wave
    Beth Harbison – Always something there to remind me
    Jenny Colgan – Christmas at cupcake cafe
    Paula Bomer – Nine Months
    Deborah Michel – Prosper in Love
    Valerie Frankel – Four of a kind
    Jill Smokler – Confessions of a scary mommy
    Allison Winn Scotch – The song that remains the same
    Lucy Diamond – Anyway you want me
    Jennifer Gilbert – I Never promised you a goodie bag
    Jillian Medoff – I couldn't love you more

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