It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? 10/29

I’ve been delited with an amazing book stash received
in my Mailbox for this week ~
See if there’s anything to whet your reading appetite here
then be sure to check out  my Book Giveaway
ending today {Monday 29th October}
Personally signed by author Lori Smith 
Definitely looking forward to this 2nd JA book by Lori ~ Thankyou!
Next was an October Birthday win for me
sent & signed by author Mary Manners~
4 book treat that arrived this week ~ Thankyou!
 Another win, these two from Girls Just Reading
during the recent Blogfest 2012 ~ Thankyou Jenn!
 And a final book win by author Wendi Sotis’ 
new directions for Darcy & Elizabeth of Jane Austen fame..
I also had the pleasure of receiving another author’s package
arriving this week.  Author Amanda Flower’s Amish quilt pocket!
Gorgeous handquilted work which I LuV !
Thank you, Amanda!
That’s it for me for this Monday ~
and what might you be reading 
on this final Monday of October?
Find more Monday reads at Sheila’s Book Journey 
and if you’re a Jane Austen fan there’s a vintagey copy 
on offer HERE til end of Monday… 10/29
 Book Readers?  heads up on your opp to Win ~
A Kindle Fire HDSeriously !

Christian Fiction Book Reviews
introduces us to ‘Unseen’ ~
“Hileman is a marvelous storyteller with a perspective
unlike any other author I’ve come across… 
Every life is precious. 
If you don’t know that now, you will after reading this book.”
Accepting entries til end of 10/31 !
Have a look at the link above for all info…

More Upcoming ~

Book Swap Blog Hop

Nov 1st – 7th !
Interested in swapping your xtras ?
Join us …


11 thoughts on “It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? 10/29

  1. Wow! That is a great stash of books! (I love Jane Austin too!)But now…you have the chance to win yet another book at my GIVE-A-WAY! I'm offering my latest release, The Faith of St. Nick: An Advent Devotional! Please stop by and enter!

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