Jane Austen Giveaway Hop 10/19 – 10/ 29

Welcome to the Jane Austen Giveaway Hop!
I’m a little late due to unexpected life events,
but still here & HapPy to let you know this is on
for your reading [& Hopping] pleasure ~

**I’m extending my Giveaway offer until Monday October 29th !

There are so many varieties of Jane Austen fans ~
those who love only her writings,
others who’ll happily read any sequel, prequel, or variation…

But the true merit of reading Jane has been verified
in Stanford U’s recent and ongoing research ~
This is Your Brain on Jane Austen”
“Researchers observe the brain patterns of literary PhD candidates while they’re reading a Jane Austen novel. The fMRI images suggest that literary reading provides “a truly valuable exercise of people’s brains.”

My offer?
A vintagey complete, unabridged, Jane Austen authored
Sense and Sensibility
with good sized print for ‘easy on the eyes’ reading !

Tweeting , FB sharing, reposting ~ All Appreciated
and added to your entries !
[ buttons at bottom left of this post ]

Lots of options in the Giveaways posted below !
{ending 10/24}
I’ll be visiting as many as I can –
Hopping to see you along the way…
Have FuN !

Do you have a bit of Jane Austen hidden within?  
Do you journal ?
Keep this Friday open for Journal Creativity!

Joining Liz’s Time Travel Thursday at
The Brambleberry Cottage


 Katie’s Favourite THings Thursday


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