It’s the First Monday of October! What Are You Reading? 10/1

It’s Monday! 
{The first day of October 2012!}
What am I Reading?
A delightful book by Lori Smith 
as described on her excellent website, Writer Lori Smith ~

{Isn’t this a gorgeous autumny cover?}
I’m definitely ‘liking’ it!
“Lori took a life-changing journey through England, following the life and lore of Jane Austen,
writing her experiences to share with her readers..
With humour and spirit,
Lori leads readers through landscapes Jane knew and loved
–from Bath and Lyme, London and the Hampshire countryside

~Ashe and Deane walking path from Lori’s collection~
–and through emotional landscapes in which grace and hope
take the place of stagnation and despair.
Along the way, Lori explores the small things,
both meanness and goodness in relationships,
to discover what Austen herself knew:
the worth of an ordinary life.”

I am enjoying Lori’s personable writing that
invites us in to both Jane’s world and Lori’s own…
a parallelling and personal memoir ~
Lori also blogs great Austen Quotes here..
A freelance writer whose work has appeared in Washington Post Book WorldPublishers WeeklyWashingtonian and Today’s Christian Woman,
Lori is author of 
The Single Truth on living as a single 
The Jane Austen Guide to Happily Ever After
{published 2012}
My other read at the moment is a bit of personal FuN for me ~
I’ve heard and read everyone’s enthusiasm,
had a contest to win this book,
 I was in it to win it!
and I did !!
Now I’m enjoying the inside info,
have opened my own Pinterest account
and began my first board today!
Now, at least, I have the instructions to either 
keep me on track or rescue me when needed !
I’m looking forward to discovering your Monday reading..
Join us at Sheila’s Book Journey linkup and
share what books currently have your attention.. 

12 thoughts on “It’s the First Monday of October! What Are You Reading? 10/1

  1. Oh- I could add both of these to my TBR wish list! Thanks for sharing and enjoy your reading. 🙂
    I am so glad to hear you are feeling stronger/better. I keep you in prayer!

  2. There's a Pinterest for Dummies … how awesome, I want lol. A Walk With Jane Austen sounds delightful, my best friend would love it.
    Have a wonderful week and happy reading.

    I'm off to see if I can find you on Pinterest 🙂

  3. I just had to pop over and say thank you for your encouraging words on my blog today. They really warmed my heart. And, how wonderful to be your very first pin *grins*. You have a sweet, and cozy blog here. I'm your newest follower. Have a wonderful Monday!

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