Sharing the ‘Current’ of Life with Sarah Macintosh

Wonderful !
Glad you’re here with me today !
A long time since we’ve shared a musical moment together..
 I’ve received a newsletter with clips of 
latest cd, ‘Current’.
In her own words, 
It’s a current of thoughts, 
drum beats, guitar strums, melodies, vocals 
all swirling together 
in an attempt to capture 
the towering highs and plummeting lows of life. “
I’m sharing the title cut as I find it so seamlessly conveys this sentiment ~

Here’s the stunning vocal intricacy of Sarah for your EnJoyment ~

 Just waiting to share about my great God, 
how he’s revealing himself to me, 
what he’s done for me, 
and what he promises to continue to do.”
~ Sarah Macintosh

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at Amy’s 

* Quick Reminder of 
Digital Worship CD ‘My Foundation’
 Giveaway Here

Open Int’l ~ Ending 6/26

No Ordinary Blog Hop 


9 thoughts on “Sharing the ‘Current’ of Life with Sarah Macintosh

  1. New one for me, too. I love her quote–what He's revealing, what He's done and what He promises to continue to do…so thankful that I can say that, too.

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