TeaCup Tuesday Charity Shop FInd for 6/19

Welcome to Tuesday TeaCup !
Welcome 1st Day of Summer!
A crazy busy day out with a visiting cousin 
from early morning til now ~
but, thankfully, my cousin took a few quick pix
for me to get this post up for our Tuesday TeaTime post
{while it is yet Tuesday!}
Hoping you EnJoy
this Lovely Summer Floral cup & saucer
as much as I do …
a Royal Albert without a Pattern named
anywhere on cup bottom or saucer…
Beautiful just the same !
A charity shop find for a song
that still has me singing!

{not to mention the tablecloth} !

another charity shop find I took right off the table !

Hoping your Tea Cup Tuesday is Inspiring !
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10 thoughts on “TeaCup Tuesday Charity Shop FInd for 6/19

  1. This teacup is lovely!!! What a wonderful way to start off the summer! I went immediately to my tea cupboard!

    Idaho City

    P.S. I just took a delightful tour through many posts. You have created a delightful place to mosey about!

  2. You lucky girl! What a charity shop find! I adore this colorful and fun cup. All those gorgeous flowers, and that amazing blue edge with the fancy trim….*swoon*!
    Happy Summer : )

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