Armchair BEA: Beyond Your Blog ~

Today for Armchair Book Expo America
we’re asked to go 

Beyond our Blog

Today, we’d like you to talk about those opportunities in your own posts. . .

in answer to BEA specific questions here goes ~

Blogging has definitely opened up opportunities for me
beyond book review copies !
It has helped me get offers to write for a debuting magazine
and while not for pay, it is a fantastic opportunity
that continues to broaden my own writing vision, ability and offers…
It also has opened the door for unique review opportunities
of introducing authors without marketing representation ~
 I’ve contacted authors if I’ve felt 
either a personal connxn or their book was uniquely suited to
Faith Hope & Cherrytea’s concept
receiving positive responses and the anticipated posts ~
Invites from various product marketing companies 
continue to be received
that I would never have anticipated ~
{from specialty clothing to eyeglasses!}
As to special event invites?
Requests for guest posting along with other bloggers 
{not just books}
who have featured me and or FHC for special event posts,
have been FuN and unexpected invitations !
Another YES !
regular invites to FB and Twitter parties
for debuting authors and seasoned authors alike ~
various blog and FB online groups 
who find FHC
appealing to characteristics representative of their interests …
A new area of Scrapbooking is just opening
with invitations to participate in both
creating and blog hopping with several groups,
one based on the books by blogger and author
  Courtney Walsh, of
The Busy ScrapperScrapbooking Your Faith.
An entirely New and FuN offer I’ve yet to experience!
All Beyond my Blog !
I’m looking forward to more…


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