Networking Real Life Connxns BEA {Book Expo America}

Here’s today’s message from Armchair BEA ~
a request regarding “Real Life” networking 
as a blogger in the community…

‘ ‘ For Day 3, BEA wants you  to share your positive experiences of using 
your blog to get involved in your community.  
This can involve partnerships with the local literary scene, 
attending author events and signings, 
or getting together with bloggers in your area.  We want to hear it all! “
In keeping with one of the major themes of this blog
I’m always looking for ways to actively promote practical charity ~
{ the ‘Cherrytea’ part of Faith Hope & Cherrytea }

as a patron of my local library
I’ve had book blogging discussions with librarians
who have been interested in my various online bookclub participation
as well as, my support of the ongoing Book Sales at several library branches…

I have also personally donated books to several Church libraries ~
of course, my favourite one being where I served as librarian !
over a thousand books already shelved ! Nice !

One of these FuN community book adventures resulted
where my readers were encouraged to actively participate
in their local setting with the distribution of a choice read
including printing the bookplate {link included}
The bookplate sticker asked the finder to upload a picture of the book, 
where they found it, 
and to read it and review it on the Guardian site

Being aware ~ observant and willing to join in
networking these book opportunities 
via “Real Life” 
blog ~ twitter and facebook extends both reach and influence 
of the ‘Cherrytea’ ~
something I find an absolute JoY !
Another charitable opportunity ~
 April’s recent 
 offering various ways of participating
in conjunction with my own ~
tweeting and facebooking to the broader community is a given
with known fellow community members part of my friends following
{ including a large number of authors }
In May I proposed my readers, tweeters and FB friends 
actively support their Fave Writers in “Real Life” via a Writer RAK 
in response to The Bookshelf Muse’s initiation …
I have recently contacted a local blogger & her local publisher
resulting in
successfully broadening influence of both her & her audience ~
while making a new “Real Life” connxn 
with both the author and the publisher!
my request to intro and promo Heather’s book was a new thing
to this publisher, so I’ve been able to plant a seed
that, I’m hoping, will benefit other authors in their house
further opening the door for more local “Real Life” interactions
with the authors, myself, and this publisher …

I enjoyed supporting  American Patchwork & Quilting
in their drive for a Million Pillowcases for local-to-readers charities ~
as i wrote previously
Many charities would benefit from the donation of pillowcases 
and the challenge gives us the opportunity to donate 
and make a difference in our community.  
do you know someone with breast cancer 
that would be inspirited by your pink pillowcase creation?  
join the challenge and add yours to the count !
Definitely a ‘Real Life’ opportunity to interact in our communities
with Summer Camps for Kids ~ Drug Rehabs ~ Cancer Care Centres
Women & Children’s Shelters…
This Call for our ‘Cherrytea’ is ongoing ~ More Info Here

 I’ve also been blessed with virtual blogging friends
who’ve stepped in to guest blog when I needed help in ‘Real Life’!
and others who’ve sent tangible ‘Real Life’ gifts
just because they’re amazing though as yet, unmet,
 ‘Real Life’ friends!  What else can I say ?!

I look forward to more “Real Life” connections
in my local book & blog community
encourage my ‘book loving’ friends and readers to pursue the same !

7 thoughts on “Networking Real Life Connxns BEA {Book Expo America}

  1. I love that you're networking opportunities are also charitable opportunities. What a fantastic way to combine two passions. And wonderful ideas! Thank you so much for sharing 🙂

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