Tuesday TeaTime May 15 !

TeaCup Time!
glad to be able to join Terri today 
for TeaCup Tuesday ~
Lots of Linked TeaCup posts for our pleasure !
Mine today is a pretty Royal Albert
Rose-Du-Barry series pattern

I’m loving the lilac pink colours reminiscent of spring to me ~
 from the “Rose-Du-Barry” series of six
  gold trimmed by Royal Albert England in the 1960s~  
Malvern cup shape with a Hampton Plate Shape
the Series of six includes coloured variations
named Camille, Claudette, Collette, Jeanette, Marie, and Simone ~

doing my bit of research for you because 
Ruth of Antiques and Teacups is enjoying family !
Enjoy your Tea Cup treats and share the 
JoY of Tea with Friends this week !

Thursdays with Miss Spenser

Terri’s and Martha’s
for keeping company with me !
You’re the cat’s cream ~
Every New FRIEND on this Journey of Life Together ~

9 thoughts on “Tuesday TeaTime May 15 !

  1. Hi, Faith!
    Thanks for following me at In the Shade of the Cherry Tree. I'm following you now and lifting a cup of tea to your lovely site. We “Cherry” girls have to stick together. ; )

  2. What a pretty teacup! I love teacups. As a little girl waiting to grow up, I'd admire the pretty ones Mom had in her china cabinet… and I always think about which one was my favourite.

    I think I actually 'dream' about that day when I grew up when I could have my own collection (and I do have one now).

  3. Thank you, faith hope, for sharing your lovely treasures with us.

    My mother, a teacher, used to come home from school and serve tea to me in her lovely cups at 4:00 (until I became too busy in high school). A cherished memory.

  4. Such pretty tea cups! I would love to collect some of the pretty ones I have seen, but I have too many other things to take care of as it is!

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