Tuesday TeaTime 1st for May !

Hoping you’ll love our first TeaTime for May !
too cute to pass up these pinks
and a great reminder of the influence our love of tea can be 
on our next generation of 
TeaTime trainees !

enjoying May’s 1st TeaTime with Royal Albert’s
Flower of the Month
‘Lily of the Valley’
from 1970s ~

13 thoughts on “Tuesday TeaTime 1st for May !

  1. Those little girls are such cuties, lol!
    Your May cup is really lovely – Lily of the Valley is one of my favourite flowers!
    Thank you for linking to Simply Sweet 🙂
    Have a very blessed day.

  2. Lovely! A favorite pattern. The Months series is so fun to have! Fun video too!
    Thanks for sharing and linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea! I am taking the next 2 weeks off my son & DIL will be hear from Utah, and who knows what we'll be doing! I'll be posting Tuesday Cuppa Tea for May 22nd.

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