Teacup Tuesday 4/17

I know this is not my usual Teacup Tuesday post,
but I do think you’ll enjoy
the Teacup Creativity ~

I will definitely love trying out this idea !
coordinating fave teacups with fabric will be great FuN…
I’m already imagining my kitchen window
dressed in this teacup finery!

With Special Thanks to my friend Barb
who dreams creatively
 knows just what I like!

A great TeaTime spot to visit today is
Bernideen’s for Friends Sharing Tea

Bernideen is celebrating Anne of Green Gables
with her tea setting ~
 lovely reminders of pleasant hours spent over
many cups of tea and talk with Barb
when I lived on Anne’s Island …

more teacup loveliness at
Ruth’s Cuppa Tea

9 thoughts on “Teacup Tuesday 4/17

  1. Hi! I found you over at Bernideen's tea party-Anne of Green Gables. Love the books & movies, how could you not? What a cute idea for a curtain tie-back, especially for a tea room. Denise from englishpurpleribbon.blogspot.com/

  2. Sorry I am late getting around to posts. Life happens! I love the idea…as long as it's not a valuable teacup. I cringe sometimes when folks ruin valuable cups or saucer for night lights, photo frames, etc because they don't know what they are destroying! But maybe that's just my specialist point of view! I know, I know….get off my hobby horse! LOL!

  3. Love, love, love that idea! And Anne of Green Gables – my ALL-TIME FAVORITE book! I have it, have re-read it, and re-read it…awesome! I have a very large lighted Christmas Village (over 150 houses), and last year, someone sold Anne's house and farm setting on eBay. SO you know I bought it!

    Hope you are having a blessed week! Warm hugs from me to you.

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