Celebrate April’s HOPE {+ Calendar Freebies} ~

Welcome this wonderful new month , APRIL!
i have been waiting with anticipation for your arrival ~
somehow, to me, when April arrives
winter seems finally passed.
“…you see that the winter has passed,
the rain is finished and gone,
the flowers are appearing in the countryside,
the time has come for the birds to sing…”
Shir-Hashirim {Song of Solomon} 2.11-12 
Complete Jewish Bible
and to celebrate this fresh vision of life
here are a few freebies for your choosing ~
left click to enlarge, right click to save to your pc
then go to where you’ve saved it and left click to set as background.
voila!  a beautiful calendar photo every time you turn your pc on…

there you go ~
 whatever you choose,
Celebrate God’s Gift of April !

sharing with Natasha and friends in Australia
Poofy Cheeks

join us at Ramona ‘s for


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