It’s Monday 3/26 What Are You Reading?

I’m a bit late  for
but with a great reason!
I’ve been lost in a new read! 
I picked out a new release download to read
yesterday afternoon and was completely captivated!
author Tenya Sharp Ingalls has written
a perfectly paced adventure set in the Cumbrian Hills of England. 
 well drawn characters resonate realistically
and a storyline that kept me turning pages to discover
what could possibly happen next…
LuVed it!  

Cumbrian Rain (The Weather Tales) [Kindle Edition]

                                                                 Tenya Sharp Ingalls

 contemporary adventure romance 
that weaves a web of international intrigue and danger. . .

Attempting to escape her grief, 

tragically widowed Annora Lang travels to Cumbria, England 
to bury herself in research for her doctoral thesis, 
but when she meets the mysterious Tad, 
she discovers her own sinister past has come back to haunt her. 
Caught between her fear of one man and her love for another, 
can Annora be the hero this time, instead of the victim? … 
Publisher: Cross-Culture, Inc. Publishing (March 2, 2012) 
concluded another kindle download this week from
author Nancy Kelley

His Good Opinion: A Mr. Darcy Novel [Kindle Edition]

                                                                      Nancy Kelley

Jane Austen fans will want to include Nancy’s retelling
of Pride and Prejudice from Darcy’s perspective ~
interesting insights on the actions, activities and conversations
with his dearly beloved Elizabeth
including other P+P highlights
 cousin Colonel Fitzwilliam, aunt Catherine de Bourghe
and close companion Bingley 
all from a male perspective…
nice work Nancy!

PLUS ~ I had the most unusual and deliteful Surprise
arrive via my email this week…
a wonderful blogging friend has loaned me an Amazon kindle book!!
According to Jane
Marilyn Brant

is available to me for 2 weeks of reading enjoyment!!
isn’t that amazingly thoughtful?
I have been totally blessed by Mary’s kindness ~ Thank You!

I’ve been introduced to some {cherrytea} I can forward to another reader …
I luv that !

What’s on your reading list this week?
Care to share?
let us know in comments or add your post HERE ~
HaPpY Reading …


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