MoM & Monday ~ What I Am Reading 3/19

I had an amazed moment visiting with my mom today.
As I told her about my reading and writing reviews,
 light dawned with ‘clear shining’…
It actually was MoM’s love of reading that instilled my love of books!
 We reminisced about walks across our small town to the library.
Exploring the vast array of books that came to life
with the reading.
The delite of beginning a series. 
The anticipation of discovering the next one needed on the shelf !

The Borrowers is one series I’m recalling…

{I was amazed twhen I found the movie of The Borrowers’  Clock family!
They’d become film stars !}
I am part of the world of books because I had a MoM who loved to read!
My LoVe and heart FULL of appreciation to you for sharing that
GIFT of a LifeTime !
You’ve truly Blessed me… 
~ * HaPpY Mother’s Day MoM!! * ~
having a bit of a personal upgrade with 
educating my call to live missionally 
and totally for pleasure ~
one FuN short story read after another just when I need a break “)
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week’s reading at

8 thoughts on “MoM & Monday ~ What I Am Reading 3/19

  1. What a wonderful tribute to your mother! I too have a love of books inspired and encouraged by a well-read and loves-to-read mother. What a gift! One I hope I am giving my own children as well. Thank you for sharing this and for linking up with NOBH! Smiles –

  2. My Mum and Dad definitely influenced me in my love of reading. Dad would read stories to us and Mum would take us to the library. We were allowed to buy Little Golden Books from the newsagency, and other books from Scholastic BookClub. Nowadays I swap books with my Mum and sister. xx

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