Thoughtful Thursday 3/15 …

With warm affection
to my oh so creative cousin, Cindy!
Isn’t that a lovely sentiment to share?
and soooo uniquely describes this week’s photo prompt
adjective  adverb   full stop
three * from here and there
join us?

7 thoughts on “Thoughtful Thursday 3/15 …

  1. lovely to see you back Anne!
    i was without internet for so long, don't feel bad about reconnecting after any absence!
    no , i know of no teacup exchanges right now, though i did love all your beautiful sharing and responses!
    i'll keep it in mind…

    you too,
    have a wonderful weekend & HapPy St Patrick's celebrations :))

  2. Hi! It is so wonderful to visit you here! It has been a long while. I would to participate in another tea cup exchange. Anyone hosting any that you are aware of? I have not had the chance to catch up here with many bloggers I enjoy. You are certainly one of them. I need to look at some of your other posts. I hope your weekend is wonderful! Hugs, Anne

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